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Here’s The Right Way To Clean Mushroom Before Cooking

If you want to ace your cooking skills then you must focus on the initial steps and then you will eventually get better at it. In this article, we will know about the right way of cleaning mushroom before cooking. Mushrooms come with dirt and require effective cleaning to be cooked.

Ways To Clean Mushroom

One of the basic ways that are used to clean mushrooms is washing them and boiling them. A variety of dishes including sabzi and curry can be made from mushrooms.

Here’s The Right Way To Clean Mushroom Before Cooking
  • Chop and wash them – Boil the mushrooms. Chop them and then wash them with normal water. Chopping the mushrooms makes the cleaning process easy and convenient.
  • Pat Dry – Another simple yet effective method to clean Mushrooms is using tissue paper or a clean, fresh cloth napkin to remove the dirt and mud. Wash the mushrooms with cold water later.
  • Cutting and removing the mold – At times there are spots and molds on the mushrooms. These might not go away with cleaning and removing these parts before cleaning is the only option.
  • Flour method – In this method, mushrooms are put in a bowl and covered with dirt. The dirt is then rubbed with hands and then the mushrooms are rinsed off after transferring them in a different bowl.
  • Peel off the skin – The last and tricky method is to wash the mushrooms, take a knife, and peel off the skin from the top of the mushroom head. One can also remove the stem if they do not like it.

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