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Here’s Why #BoycottFrance Is Trending & What ‘Islam’ Has To Do With It

Middle East countries are protesting against France and calling for a boycott of French products following French President Emanual Macron’s comments about ‘Islamists.’

All this began after Macron, earlier this month, pledged to fight “Islamist separatism” after a teacher in a France school was slain by Muslims for showing a caricature aka cartoon of Prophet Mohammed in a classroom.

The teacher named Samuel Paty was beheaded outside his school in a suburb outside Paris.

Source – BBC

Following the cruel incident over a mere cartoon, Macron, condemning the brutal attack, said that “France will not give up cartoons”. He also said that Paty was “killed because Islamists want our future”.

The comment thereafter irked the Muslim community across the world as they took to Twitter to call out France for promoting islamophobia, as well as called to boycott French products.

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Even Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan also joined to call out France for promoting Islamophobia. Ironically, these are the same countries that don’t utter a word against China as the East Asian country continues to exploit Uighur Muslims and destroy Mosques in its region.

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In countries like Kuwait, stores were seen removing French products from their selves. Notably, all the boycott is something France would care less about. But the real problem here is the further plaguing reputation of Islamic extremists across the world, especially after multiple incidents of violence reported in some of the most peaceful countries in the world, including Sweden, in recent months.

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