Here’s Your Chance To Watch The Last Solar Eclipse Of 2019

If you, anyhow, can storm through the chills of winters and wake up early on December 26, there are high chances that you might see a ring of fire in the sky. Again, only if you are brave enough.

The ring of fire, however, isn’t some kind of hint to an apocalypse that you must be scared of. Instead, the ring will mark the last solar eclipse of the year.

On December 26th, the world will witness an ‘annular solar eclipse’ from 9am to 12.29pm.  

What Is An Annular Solar Eclipse?

First of all, an annular solar eclipse isn’t a phenomenon that occurs annually – as the name suggests.

An annular solar eclipse happens when the moon, due to its distance from the sun, isn’t fully able to eclipse the sun.

On the other hand, a solar eclipse is a phenomenon that occurs on a new moon day. During this, the moon passes between the earth and the sun.

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So on Dec 26th, when the moon would pass between the earth and the sun, it would eclipse most of the sun but not the outer edges. This will give a representation of a ring of fire in the sky.


The solar eclipse will only be visible in the southern parts of the state. However, the other parts of India will witness a partial solar eclipse.

Bengaluru will witness the most obstruction (90%) of the sun by the moon followed by Mumbai (85%), Chennai (79%), Port Blair (70%) and Delhi (45%).

Solar Eclipse Timing

Mumbai: 8:04am-10:55am

Ahmedabad: 8:06am-10:52am

New Delhi: 8.30am-11.32am

Bengaluru: 8:06am-11:11am

Hyderabad: 8:08am-11:10am

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Chennai: 8:08am-11:19am

Kolkata: 8:27am-11:32am

Guwahati: 8:39am-11:36am

Shillong: 8:39am-11:37am

Kohima: 8:45am-11:44am

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