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When A Punjabi Puttar Couldn’t Resist Himself From Posing Balle Balle In Front Of Leaning Tower

Ask any wife, there are only very few husbands around the world who are fond of taking selfies.

Trust me, the number is very less. An annoyed wife is the perfect example of how wives despise their husbands not being sporty when it comes to clicking selfies.

Though there are some adorable husbands who love it and their fortunate wives are the happiest creatures.
weird indian couple selfie

Recently, we came across one such picture of a famous Indian cricketer which made him look like a complete buffoon while trying to pose. You want to know how? Let’s check this out.

Yuvraj Singh, the famous Indian left-handed batsman failed to show the power of his left hand, or rather, both hands’ during his Italy vacation. Such a powerful batsman on the cricket field failed to meet the expectations of his wife, Hazel, on the vacation field. Hence, disqualified! Aww, poor baby!

The poor innocent Yuvi could not pose for a perfect picture with his wife in front of the Tower of Pisa. As a result, he got hilariously trolled by his own wife Hazel Keech on social media.

And why not! He needs to be punished for that. Oops! Probably a wife inside me is passing the sentence. Lol!

According to the sources, the couple was on a vacay in Italy where they clicked some pictures. Since, Hazel as an actress possess both aura and style is posing perfectly in the picture. Whereas, her poor hubby failed to pose aptly.

hezel and yuvraj returns from italy vacation

Supposedly, they had to pose as holding up the leaning Tower of Pisa but according to Hazel, Yuvraj ended up making a Bhangra pose instead. Hehe!

Here’s another throwback with a hilarious caption


She took no time to post it on social media giving it totally hilarious angle.

She trolled her own husband by captioning the picture as, “When my Munda is told to hold up the leaning tower of Pisa….. it’s not only the wrong way but it looks like Balle Balle”. She further added that finally they got their desired click.

Now, someone please ask her how could a Punjabi puttar resist himself doing a Punjabi step, that too in a foreign land. Hehe! Whatever this Punjabi munda does, the tinge of Punjab would always reflect in his behavior. Well, Hazel does understand this, that’s why she made fun of him but in a sporty way.

Don’t forget to share such stories in comments from your vacations! *wink*

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