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This Is Why Bananas Are Considered As The Best High Blood Pressure Remedy

The modern world has become a place where everyone is busy and stressed about something or other. Along with a busy life, it has given rise to the more cases of people suffering from high blood pressure.

Many people still don’t know about – High blood pressure or hypertension, which are both known as silent killers.

It can increase the risk of strokes, heart diseases, kidney diseases, and many more severe conditions. Workload, unhealthy eating habits, and disrupted sleep can make us a patient of hypertension. If not paid attention, it might make your body suffered through many other severe medical conditions.

It’s a good thing that a banana can help you keep your blood pressure maintained.

How a banana can help with high blood pressure?

high blood pressure remedy

There are several studies out there that have already proved that consuming banana daily can help in maintaining the right blood pressure in your body, suggesting banana as a high blood pressure remedy. Bananas are a very good source of potassium.

Also, they contain a significantly lower amount of sodium (that cause you to have high blood pressure).

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Consuming an excessive amount of sodium causes pressure on our blood vessels that resulted in high blood pressure, which later can give rise to heart diseases and stroke. The excessive level of sodium in a body can also disrupt the water balance inside our body, causing kidney diseases.

Luckily, the potassium present in a banana is able to nullify all the negative effect of the excessive amount of sodium present in your body. Potassium is also good for maintaining a balanced level of electrolyte and water in your body that makes it an easy high blood pressure remedy.

I’m a gym geek tell me about the other nutrients present in banana

high blood pressure remedy

A medium-sized banana contains 109 calories, 1 gram of protein, 20 gram of carbohydrates and 3 gram of dietary fibers. Other than that it also contains vitamin A and C. They are pretty light but contains all the good nutrients. If you are a gym geek, you must have already know about the goodness of this magical fruit.

Doctors recommend adding two medium-sized banana on your daily diet and reduce blood pressure by 10%.

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In Conclusion:

Eating banana is an easy way to stay fit and make sure that you don’t suffer from any heart disease. Though banana is a high blood pressure remedy, eating it can also help to improve digestive health and boost the mood.

I finally know why all the minions always look so happy!

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