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Hiked Auto-Rickshaw Fares In Delhi, Now Commuters Have To Pay More

Delhi is a crowded city, traffic on the roads mostly makes you go crazy. And this traffic is even crazy on weekends. Taking your vehicle out in this traffic seems to be a bad idea. But what other options do you have now?

As travelling in the auto-rickshaw rides is going to be more expensive in Delhi from today. The state transport authority has already issued a notification on Monday. According to which there will be an 18.75-per cent increase on existing rates.

What will be the new base fare?

hiked auto-rickshaw fares

State Transport Authority said in its notification, “It is for the information of general public and Auto Rickshaw operators that with immediate effect, the revised fare for Auto Rickshaw in the National Capital Territory of Delhi are as under.”

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According to this notification new hiked auto-rickshaw fares are as follow, the metre down charge will be Rs 25 for the first 1.5 Km. If you remember earlier it used to be Rs 25 for first 2 Km. Now the distance has been reduced.

Other than this the per km charge has also been increased by 18.75 per cent. Earlier commuters had to pay Rs 8 per km but not according to the notification commuters have to pay Rs 9.5 per km.

To calculate the new fare, the meters of these autorickshaws in Delhi are going to be recalibrated. This will take around 1.5 months but that doesn’t matter. As you still have to pay according to this new fare structure.

But that’s not it

hiked auto-rickshaw fares

Last week, a separate notification was issued by the Delhi transport department. This one is also talking about the new fare structure of an auto-rickshaw ride in the national capital. This time the government introduced a waiting charge, which will be Rs 0.75 per minute.

Apart from that, there will be a luggage charge from now, one has to pay Rs 7.50 extra for their luggage. This notification was delayed, as some people objected and said it will require the approval of Lieutenant Governor’s approval.

But later it passed out just with the approval of Kailash Gahlot, transport minister.

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In conclusion:

Was it necessary to hike the price of auto rickshaws, just a few months before the Delhi Assembly election? This new change might seem like in the favour of auto drivers. But is it? Or is it just another political move? Knowing that these autorickshaw drivers had played a crucial role in the rise of the AAP.

Whatever it is, commuters do have to pay this new hiked auto-rickshaw fares to commute in Delhi.

Tell us what you think. Share your thoughts, comment down below.

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