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Here’s How Big Boss Helped Hina Khan Bag The Role of Komolika In Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2

The all-time famous soap of Star Plus, ‘Kasauti Zindagi Kay’ is all set to return with a bang.

The ‘reboot version’ as we call it. But, the whole point of discussion comes down to the fact of who is playing the role of Komolika. Right? After all, that is what Ekta Kapoor’s serials are all about.  And it just cannot be complete unless there is a super sexy villain.

To fulfill the purpose, Ekta has chosen ‘Hina Khan’. But did you ever wonder how the goody-good girl ‘Akshara’ from ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ became the first choice for Komolika’s role in ‘Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2’?

Well, let me do the honors and explain how this whole casting took place and how Hina ended up bagging one of the epic roles in the history of daily soaps.

Take a look at the possible reasons for which Hina Khan was chosen for ‘Komolika’:


Hina Khan as Komolika

You all remember the sweet girl ‘Akshara’ who conquered millions of hearts with her caring, lovable, adorable character in ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’. Honestly, tell me, would Ekta have thought that she is even fit to be cast in a negative role? Of course not.

But then came Bigg Boss. And oh my god, Akshara turned into Asura (lol) to the extent that even Ekta couldn’t think of any other vamp to play the role of Komolika. Way to go Akshara. Way to go!


Hina Khan as Komolika

For real guys, Hina belongs to the category of actors who are so deep in their acting that even when there is no one watching. They feel they have a camera on them 24*7.

Remember Big Boss and the repulsive statements Hina rolled out, like every other hour. And later denied all of them, like a pro. Result? Voila- an actor who is constantly acting. And that’s the kind of dedication Ekta was looking for.

And Hina was perfect for it.


Hina Khan as Komolika

Be it her dress, her tears, her statements, and her mind-blowing sympathy gaining actions, Hina tops the charts.

ViralBake Telegram

I think just because she has good looks, she saved her ass from being dumped into the category of Rakhi Sawant. She has been successful in creating numerous controversies throughout her career, especially after being a part of Big Boss.

And Ekta just couldn’t brush off the amount of attention Hina gained after her real character was reviled during the competition.


Hina Khan as Komolika

What do you look in an actress if she is to casted in a negative role? Sexy body, bold features and the capacity to kill people with one spat of that sweet poisonous dialogue, correct? Hina has it all. Even though her face looks angelic, the moment she spats out ‘JEHER’ as we call it, from her mouth. People die. Instantly.

Perfect for a vamp role, right?

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Hina Khan as Komolika

I bet Hina used to roll out fake tears when she was a child so that she could get whatever she wanted. And that kind of stuck. Remember that time in Big Boss when there was a dare as to who can cry out fake tears?

You all know who came out with flying colors. Hina Khan, obviously!  And hey, if you can fake cry within a  time span of seconds, you deserve to be a villain. Because that’s what villains do in Ekta’s soaps. Perfect match made in heaven.


Hina Khan as Komolika

Well, no doubt about the fact that she, in fact, has a sexy figure which is very much required when you need to act out the part of a historical vamp ‘Komolika’. Hina has all of that extra spiciness and hell yeah she can rock her long locks the way Komolika did throughout Kasauti Zindagi Kay.

Ekta must have closely observed how Hina couldn’t get off her hands from her hair during Bigg Boss. Who knew this will help her in bagging the epic ‘Komolika’ role!


Hina Khan as Komolika

Creating hundreds of controversies inside the Big Boss house, Hina proved for a fact that she loves to be in the limelight. Now, when you think of it from the point of view of a villain, it all fits. What is the role of a villain? Create controversies and yet pretend to be the saint of the house, when questioned.

Exactly what Hina does and is used to doing. Helped her big time to bag the Nikka role. Nice strategy gurl.

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Hina Khan as Komolika

Hina lives in her own fantasy world. Where she is just above all. She believes Gauhar Khan has half of the half followers in comparison to hers. She also believes Sunny Leone has paid followers. And oh, how can you forget that she even thinks that Salman Khan only has 5-6 million followers on Instagram. Have I proved my point?


Hina Khan as Komolika

What does a Komolika do in a Kasauti Zindagi Kay? Insults others, hurt others and makes the life of people around her miserable. Right? hah!! Hina Khan does this for a living people. I mean its such an effortless task for Hina to shame anybody. Its embedded deep in her genes, if you ask me.

And how can Ekta deny such talent? Well, she didn’t. She cast her for Komolika! The end!

In Conclusion:

Undoubtedly, Hina Khan will play the role of Komolika with ease. She has so much drama inside of her that sometimes she even gets frustrated with herself and probably starts crying that why can’t she be real for a second. That’s the potential a vamp should have.

So folks, hold your horses and be ready to experience the grand return of ‘Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2’ which has everything rebooted to the max.

The story, however, remains the same but the effects have been amplified. Brace yourself for – grand houses, grandest sets and sexy cholis which our own Hina will flaunt while playing ‘Komolika.’ overall, the soap loving brigade is in for a treat. Let’s see how it all turns out to be.

An oh, any suggestions on who might have played this role better? Drop in the comments and let us know!
(We will let Ekta know about it)*wink*

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