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Hindi Diwas 2019: Hindi Poets And Their Soul-Churning Writings

Straight away, apologizing for writing this article in English on the occasion of Hindi Diwas, when you would have expected it to be woven in Hindi. However, compensating for the offense, we have garnered several soul-churning Hindi writings by veterans that you will find as this post proceeds. But, before that, rethinking Hindi Diwas, here is the importance and significance of the day.

Hindi Diwas is celebrated every year on September 14, to admire the day when Hindi was officially adopted as an official language by the country’s  Constituent Assembly. Written in Devanagri script, Hindi is one of the 22 recognized languages of the country.

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The third most spoken language in the world has its own character that reeks off elegance in the most sublime way possible. Any form of writing delivered in Hindi is artistic enough to provoke a distinct emotion that feels like home. Something that no other language will ever be able to evoke within you.


Moreover, calligraphy that goes with Hindi is famous across the world among people who love to get inked, including foreigners and celebrities.

Hindi tattoo

Although Indian doesn’t bestow an official language status to Hindi, nevertheless, it was the first preference to be recognised as the official language of independent India.

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However, the diversity that India is famous for doesn’t – for good – allow us to maintain Hindi as an official language.

Like all languages, Hindi also has an abundance of literature that has conquered time to prove its relevance and relatability in a world driven by technology.I mean, just look at these beautiful writings.

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