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Why Hiring Women in India Is Still A Big Concern For Managers?

It is that time of the year when work-pressure is on full swing and you need every hand on the deck to sail through the thunderstorms of revenue generation, increase in sales volume, and hiring a well-skilled workforce.

You thank your stars that your team is in place to provide you every support possible and you can allocate work to the experts whom you can rely upon with your eyes closed.

business woman with kid

Until, one of your most trusted female employees’ steps into your cabin and drops the bomb, that she has to quit.

Ever been in such a situation? Then you would relate to these reasons women have to quit a well-established career in India, bringing mayhem to the already pressured managers:

1. Husband is getting transferred to a different city

problems manager face with woman employee

Being the primary bread-earner of the house, it’s the husband’s job that matter more. Automatically wives are expected to quit and support their husbands by quitting and leaving their bosses to clean up the mess.

2. She needs to follow what her family prioritizes for her

It’s not a singular decision of a girl in India, family’s approval in whatever they do is a must, so why would the story be different here.

3. Getting pregnant timely is more important than working

balancing with kid and office

Indians give priority to family over work or career, when it comes to women. After all, it is their sole purpose on earth to bear children, ain’t it?  All your convincing or mentoring to priorities her career will go in vain.

4. Dad/brother/in-laws don’t like the office environment

Thanks to the patriarchal approach of our society, men’s perspective matters even at scrutinizing the office environment. If it doesn’t gel with their mentality, they might just decide not to send her to office.

5. Office travel takes up a lot of time

woman running with briefcase

Women prefer an office that is closer to their residence. Reason? It’s not safe to travel too far. So, if your female employee lives way far, be prepared for her resignation, soon as she finds a job near her place.

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6. Too much travelling involved in the job

It may not be the case with everyone, but for most Indian women it is, Especially after marriage and kids, making the managers task harder to accomplish their targets.

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7. Family doesn’t like her traveling around so much

And for some, who like travelling, sometimes families don’t approve of it. Some even go to the length of calling the reporting manager and asking them not to send her on outstation trips. What are you supposed to do then? Go by yourself maybe.

8. Late sitting jobs are not for women

manager and woman employee talking

If you make her sit late in the office, forget about the family, even neighbors start asking stupid questions, like why it can’t finish up during the day? Besides, if they are in office at late hours, you become responsible for their safety till they reach home, that is, if you don’t want to get killed by one of the raged relatives.

9. Night shift jobs are not for decent women

Working during the opposite biological clock, what good must be happening in the office at such odd night hours. Again, the qualms of the society guilt her into quitting night jobs. It is hard to hire women for night jobs in india making it harder for the managers to deliver results.

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10. Having guilt over leaving a small kid in a daycare

So, she joined after a sabbatical and put her kid in a daycare for the first time. The guilt of leaving a small kid behind gnaws at her from the inside and it affects her performance at work. And if she gives into it, she ends up quitting. No surprise there, you knew it was coming, sooner or later.

11. Old parents/ In-laws, a woman is expected to become a primary caregiver

happy joint family

As the time passes and parents become older, it gradually falls upon a woman’s shoulder to be the primary caregiver to them. This is one of the reasons even the highly experienced women are forced to quit, leaving the boss in a complete soup.

12. Women health issues, that prevent her from giving her 100 percent

Sometimes women quit or take extended offs due to health reasons, and despite the work pressure, you have no choice but to let her have it. You are not a doctor dude, just find someone else to take care of her share of work.

13. The rise of the nuclear family also has made women a primary support system for the family

happy nuclear family

With no one to help or support with small kids who need constant attention and care, it is inevitable who has to quit the job eventually. Your brilliant female employee! Try opening a crutch in the office, that might keep her there and stress free.

14. Not having a supportive spouse

If this is your reason, then there is nothing much you can do about it. Without a supportive spouse, a woman can’t have a career in India unless, she has a strong will to break the boundaries.

15. Her job is not as important as her partner’s

Sadly, it is hard-wired into our brains that women work only for time-pass, they don’t have to have ambitious goals or career-oriented approach. So, when it comes to weighing both, her partner’s job takes the trophy. And you end up shouldered with her set of responsibilities as well.

16. A typical mindset of being a secondary bread earner

woman crying and man comic illustration

Women still have this ingrained since birth what they are meant to do, when they grow up. So, they don’t think too hard if the time comes to pick a choice.

17. Unavailability of policies in the organization to support women staff to create a balance between work and family

It’s not like government or private organizations have done much into the direction of declining women workforce, the absence of policies and support systems in organizations are equally responsible for this fallout.

18. Strict norms that treat both men and women in the same manner

woman shocked over manager

No matter how much we talk about equality, there are some areas where women need more empathy and support, which sadly they don’t get from the employers. It might persuade them to change their jobs or quit. But eventually the work suffers and so do the managers.

19. Between a battle of career and earning for a household, the latter wins

We are in the 21st century and still women workforce doesn’t get paid equally for the same amount of work they do. Big reason for quitting. After all, putting food on the table is everyone’s primary concern. Leveling the paygrade and provide equal opportunities to flourish might help overcome this factor.

20. Women have to work twice as hard

woman juggling with lots of work

Women always get the raw end of the deal, in terms of payout, for being on break, for running away from the office to look after a crying kid , or be it anything else, they are always torn between dilemmas. (women are alpha personalities)

The constant struggle and external factors like low pay, might prompt her to not give her hundred percent or look for a better option.


It was reported that in India, women workforce is on a constant decline since the year 2004 and it impacts the overall economic growth of the country.

Imagine the losses and difficult situations companies and the managers face when such factors provoke women to change their jobs, leave unannounced or worst yet, work inefficiently.

Although there is nothing much you can do to change the society’s perspective or factors like childcare, you can still understand the reason for them quitting or not working as hard and provide them with solutions in your power.

Until then, poor managers will keep having troubles with hiring women workforce in India.


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