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How To Hold A Baby? Our Men’s Guide Will Give You All The Answers

Have you ever seen a man in front of a baby? From their expressions, you can see they are excited. But they don’t know how to hold a baby, which is why they try their best to dodge the situation.

In reality, they do want to hold them to kiss them and to see how it feels to be a dad. Men want to be close to them, it’s just they don’t know how to.

They just think that they might hurt their tiny hands or break them by their masculine fingers. If that’s the case with you, here is our Men’s guide on how to hold a baby.

1. Cradle hold

how to hold a baby

Starting with the easiest one, so that you can start knowing your baby from close. Cradle form come’s naturally to all of us, with your one forming the C pattern. While your forearm providing support to your babies back and cubital fossa (inner side of elbow) providing rest to his/her neck.

It’s an easy position to start with, just remember to lean back whenever possible to release stress from your back and shoulder.

2. Face-to-face hold

how to hold a baby

This is for the time when you are at home and sitting on your sofa, watching football. But, you are a dad now and want to play with your little kid too. In this case, while sitting, hold them with your one arm supporting their back and neck while one hand holding them from the side with their face towards you.

Now look at their cute little face, talk to them, tell them you are the man, I mean dad. Also, just so you know, this one is a favorite of both dads and babies.

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3. Belly Hold

how to hold a baby

Put their head facing downwards and rested near the crook of your arm. Their chest and tummy resting on your forearm, this position will help you to calm a fussy baby. I know it sounds tough and you might get nervous that you’ll drop the child, but believe me you’ll get used to it.

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Though, there is no harm in trying it first with a cushy bed. Just saying. So that you know how to hold a baby when the time comes.

4. Football Hold

how to hold a baby

Sound’s interesting, right? With your baby curled around your body, their legs extended behind you, while your arm and hand supporting their back and neck, pull them closer to your chest. This is a very comfortable position while sitting and also makes it easy to feed cerelac to your baby.

If you are a house dad, you have to add this skill to your collection.

5. Snuggle Hold

how to hold a baby

You are going to be the babies hero. They should feel safe when they look to you and to give that feeling of providing the safest place in this entire universe, you have to learn this position. With your babies head resting against your chest and lower shoulder, while one hand supporting their neck and the other holding them from their butt.

This way they can hear your heartbeat, to form that special bond of feeling safe.

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In Conclusion:

In many surveys, it is found that men spend equal time with their baby as their spouse. And if you are still feeling nervous, you might hurt your baby by holding them, use our Men’s guide on how to hold a baby and enjoy happy time with your baby.

Happy baby time daddies!!

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