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Homophobia Linked Suicide Case Of School Boy; Principle Arrested

Haryana Police has arrested the Academic Head Mamta Gupta of DPS Greater Faridabad in suicide case of a boy. FIR was filed against her in case of abetment of suicide. A class 10th boy of Delhi Public School in Greater Faridabad committed suicide last Thursday February 24.He left a suicide note behind accusing school’s academic head and students of bullying. FIR was registered against Section 306 of Indian Penal Code against Mamta Gupta.

Prior to arrest Mamta Gupta said, “His mother works in our school. She gave us a written document mentioning the names of students who used to trouble her son. Those students are no longer part of our school.”

A close family member told Quint, “There has been several instances of bullying. Not only was he repeatedly mocked and called ‘gay’, he was also stripped in the school bathroom. We know that several emails were written to the school authorities. But what action was taken? We demand to know.”

A police personnel from BPTP Faridabad Police Station said, “From the complaint, the family has said that two other students passed lewd remarks against the deceased over his sexuality. When a complaint was made to the school authorities, no action was taken. The boy was studying from home due to lockdown. But when physical classes started, he was subjected to bullying again.”

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Mother Revealed Case Of Ignorance

The mother of 16 year old boy said that he told her about being harassed a year ago by a group of boys on his sexuality. She said in Police complaint, “I filed several complaints to the school authorities but no action was taken. My son was depressed and his treatment was going on… On Wednesday, he had his science exam and since he suffered from dyslexia.. he sought help from headmistress but she rebuked him and accused him of taking advantage of his condition… and that she would not promote him to the next class. Due to this, he was quite stressed and worried.”

Mother added, “Since the incident, he had been having constant panic attacks. He was scared to go to school… Some classmates and seniors had been calling him names… He did not want to attend school when it opened recently, but had to because of his exams. After the teacher scolded him on Wednesday when he sought help, I was also summoned by school authorities and told that they would not promote him.”

Such incidents of homophobia reflect that people in our country are making no efforts in sensitizing themselves on the matter. There are millions of people in this country from LGBT community and they have the right to live with respect and dignity. Such incidents give the true outlook on position of LGBT community in this country. Those who are at a position where they can bring change do not resort to it. So many lives have been lost to this and its time when people should start addressing the issue in open. If you think that you are far from such matter and you don’t need to waste your time then you stand incorrect.

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