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Freedom for Homosexuals in India Finally: Section 377 Removed And Homosexuality Legalized

The top court of India removed the colonial-ban on gay sex in a ground-breaking judgement today.

A five-judge bench of the Supreme court unanimously overturned the age-old prohibition on homosexuality, stating how homosexuals of India lived in the closet and faced societal discrimination and trauma.

Earlier in 2013 Supreme Court had passed a ruling against the rights of gay people. Gay sex was punishable for up to 10 years in jail.

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Homosexuality in India

1. Nobody likes to talk about homosexuality in India. It’s still a taboo subject. If you still want to talk to a few of your colony’s aunties, they would probably close their ears in shame. That is how unnatural and impious it is regarded as.

2. The horrors of our society don’t end just there. Even the well-educated people sometimes won’t accept the fact that people may have a natural inclination of attraction towards the same sex. It is a sad truth.

3. The LGBT communities have been constantly living in fear not only because of societal pressure but also because sexual intercourse against the laws of nature were punishable by law.

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How is Homosexuality treated in developed countries?

1. The Netherlands was the pioneering country in legalizing gay marriages in the year 2000. Spain and Canada followed suit in 2005 and legalized same-sex marriages in the entire province.


2. Around 27 countries around the world, including the USA and some parts of Mexico legally permit gay-sex and gay-marriages now, Australia joining the league only last year.

3. There is still more than half the world not in favor yet, but people are gradually coming around the fact that it is time to stop infringing basic rights.

Why is it a big leap towards the equal rights of Human Beings?

Whether you agree or not, sexual orientation is a natural phenomenon and it is the basic right of every human on the planet to choose whom they love.

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People having an inclination towards the same sex are facing victimization, hatred, disgust, and violence and sometimes even torture.

Same-sex interest has always existed in the world, we find the evidence from time to time of its existence. It is not a recent activity or a viral trend that is just erupting all over and will cool-off once people ignore or avoid it.

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It is time, we all accept the truth instead of burying our faces in the sand and give these people the respect they deserve.

Be it a heterosexual, Bisexual, asexual or homosexual, we are humans first and we all have a basic right to live, breath, work wherever we want and love whomever we want.

What they do in their bedrooms is their private matter just as what we do in our bedrooms is ours. And it should stay that way, within the limits of the law. Even you wouldn’t like someone else restricting you in your own bedrooms. Would you? Equal rights.

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And if you think by the norm that being a homo is a crime, then being an asexual must also be a crime by those same norms.

The verdict on homosexual independence paves way for their better future, better life, and equality in the society. Now, they can walk with their head held high too, just like us.


In a country where women are raped every minute and even toddlers are not spared by perverts, instead of fighting these issues, we are still busy castigating people who have different sexual interests.

Even if are opinionated against the decriminalization of Section 377, who are we to approve or disapprove. It is their rights.


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