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HOTEL MUMBAI trailer Is Here And It Looks Truly Electrifying

Yesterday, the official trailer of ‘Hotel Mumbai’ was released and its thrilling.

Starring Anupam Kher and Dev Patel, the trailer also features a whole bunch of foreign actors. But that’s not what makes this trailer promising. It’s those little elements portrayed in the trailer that make this it stand out of the crowd.

What’s in the trailer? ?

The trailer starts with the blast that shook Hotel Taj and sends tremors across Mumbai.

Hotel mumbai trailer

Tension and panic are evident, with streets filled with smoke and gunfire.

Hotel mumbai trailer

It then shifts to the backdrop of the story which shows a normal day in the lives of people in Mumbai. Dev Patel, who is playing the role of a staff who works in the hotel is shown reporting for his shift under Anupam Kher who must be his manager.

Hotel mumbai trailer

Guests checking in the hotel are welcomed by the staff and as they proceed to their rooms, while terrorists are shown landing on the shores of Mumbai.

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Hotel mumbai trailer

The terrorists are laced with weapons. Soon, they scatter in their designated spots and then unleash mayhem.

Hotel mumbai trailer

The rest of the trailer shows the nerve chilling rescue operation with the close calls made by the hotel staff and guests.

hotel mumbai trailer

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What to expect from the movie?

You might think that the movie is a copy of ’26/11 attacks’ but you are wrong. This movie takes you through the nerve chilling encounters that the guests trapped inside the hotel faced.

How the hotel staff managed to sneak out and also aid the guests is shown with such precision, that you are bound to get goosebumps while watching this movie.

Truly electrifying and hauntingly real are the words you might want to relate to this trailer. With actors like Dev Patel, Anupam Kher, and Armie Hammer, entertainment and thrill are guaranteed. Moreover, the screenplay looks convincingly real, which is just another charm this movie is going to have.

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Watch Hotel Mumbai trailer here:

What are your views? Does Hotel Mumbai trailer look promising?

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