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Household Things With Features That You Thought Were Useless But Are Actually Useful

Ever wondered why there is that little extra pocket in your jeans or why wine glasses have a stem? Well, those are clearly not “you had one job” fails.

All of these little things serve a purpose. And herein, we will amaze you by listing them down for you. With that being said, have a look at these things on objects that you thought were mere useless but are actually useful.

1. Juice boxes have these flaps that fold on either side so that children can hold them while drinking the juice.
Source – Beach Packaging Design

2. That long stem in a wine glass is not only for a mere showoff or holding purpose. The stem actually also keep your drink at the right temperature.
Source – Wine Folly

3. The rivets on the jeans are not just for a mere show off. They actually save the jeans from tearing at high-pressure points.
Source – Today Show

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4. And that mini pocket? That now comes handy to keep coins but was originally designed to protect pocket watches.
Source – Watchisthis

5. That hole in the handle of your pot is not only used for hanging it but also can be used to balance the spoon while cooking.
Source – Retro 102.5

6. The little point on the cap of the medicine tubes is actually meant to pierce the steal seal over the opening of the tube.

7. What women often misunderstand as a pocket in their undies is actually a soft cloth that is placed to provide comfort to the skin and is not a pocket.
Source – Cleverly

8. There is a hole in most of the lollipops stems you have had eaten. This hole actually helps the candy fixed to the stem. During production the liquid candy mass doesn’t just harden around the stem but also fills up the hole, rendering the attachment more stable.
Source –

9. A lot of backpacks have a leather patch on them. These patch, if you ever go hiking, are useful to tie or hook things to the outside of your bag.

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10. Some ketchup bottles have that number carved on their neck. That is not just some important detail but something you press when ketchup refuses to come out.
Source – Ladbible

11. The little bumps on the “F” and “J” keys on your keyboard help touch typists know where all their keys are.
Source – Projukti Guide

12. The lines on the outskirts of the plastic cup represent the amount of distinct drink one must carry in the same.
Source – Kottke

13. The three different stripes in toothpaste represent cleaning, freshening, and plaque control.
Source – Health Care Concept

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There is science behind everything.

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