How AI Can Guess Your Passwords In Under 60 Seconds?

The capabilities of artificial intelligence and all that it is capable of achieving with a little help are now being explored by the globe. While some individuals are concerned about AI, others are eager to discover new applications for it. Ai provides us with both advantages and disadvantages.

There have been worries about AI and how it can endanger people’s cybersecurity in recent months. Your frequently used passwords can suddenly be at risk since AI can crack them in under a minute, according to recent research conducted by Home Security Heroes.

AI Cracking Passwords in Less Than One Minute

A study conducted by Home Security Heroes stated that over 50% of regularly used passwords can be easily cracked by artificial intelligence (AI) in less than a minute. The study performed a test on a 15,680,000 password database using an AI password cracker called PassGAN and the results of the study indicated that 66% of passwords could be cracked in under an hour and roughly 51% of common passwords could be cracked in under a minute. Additionally, 81% of passwords were crackable in less than a month.

Your passwords can be easily predicted by artificial intelligence (AI) in less than a minute. But this happens only when your passwords are easy-to-remember, and predict passwords like your phone number, birth date, etc. Passwords that are 18 characters long or more and contain both letters and symbols will take more time to crack.

The study further stated that passwords of 18 or more characters are very safe and difficult to crack by AI. It took at least ten months to crack passwords of this length that contained simply the digits. Strong passwords are always a mix of symbols, numbers, and upper- and lower-case characters.

How to protect your passwords and stay safe?

Avoid using obvious and easy-to-predict passwords to keep yourself safe, especially passwords with just numbers. A variety of characters, symbols, numbers, upper- and lower-case letters, and at least 15 characters in length are ideal requirements for passwords. You can use a password manager to take the appropriate action if you have any worries about remembering these types of passwords.

Your password should always have at least two characters both upper and lowercase, numbers, and some special symbols. It is always advisable and recommended for people to change their passwords after every three to six months. You should never use the same passwords for all of your accounts as this is quite very risky.  

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