“How Do You Know What I’ll Be Eating??” Arguments in a Veggie Food War in Gujarat

Vending carts of 25 street sellers were recently confiscated by the Corporation. Vendors offering non-veg cuisine, eggs, and vegetables were all represented at the market.

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) was chastised by the Gujarat High Court on Thursday for its recent crackdown on food vendors serving non-vegetarian fare in the city, warning that such steps should not be used to “satisfy the egos” of some individuals. Only restaurants that have encroached on public territory will be subject to action, according to the city council. You’ll stop people from selling everything tomorrow morning because someone had a nightmare today. Judges on a single bench remarked, “Don’t do anything to suit the egos of others.”

25 street sellers, whose wares had been confiscated by the Corporation, testified in support of their cases before Justice Biren Vaishnav, who made the remarks. Vendors offering non-veg cuisine, eggs, and vegetables were all represented at the market. Such measures should not be carried out under political pressure, the court said.

If you don’t want to eat eggs because the party in power tells you to, you’ll pick them up and yank them out of the hands of the people.” “Why are you doing that?” the judge said.

Civic officials stated the effort was not directed at restaurants serving non-vegetarian cuisine, but rather to eliminate unlawful establishments on the street that were “hindrance to public and traffic, or utter blocking of pedestrians.”.

There isn’t a campaign to remove all non-vegetarian carts, hence this petition was submitted under the misunderstanding heading. I’ve followed the directions. According to the city’s counsel, “I am stating that encroachment on roadways, which is a detriment to the public and traffic, or an entire obstruction of pedestrians,”

Justice Vaishnav said, “If there are encroachments, they must be handed up. Welcome to taking action against intruders. It’s all in your hands. Even if someone responds, “I don’t want that,” don’t simply confiscate it.

“What’s your problem?” Justice Vaishnav yelled at the AMC at one point. I don’t get how you can tell me what to eat while I’m out of the home. The question is, how can you stop people from eating anything they want to? Is it suddenly because someone in charge feels this is what they want?

“When I’m feeling emotional, I take it back.” Welcome to taking action against intruders. It’s all in your hands. Nonetheless, Justice Vaishnav warned, “don’t simply confiscate because this morning someone says I don’t want stuff.”

That “can never be my lord” was the lawyer’s response.

The petition was eventually rejected by Justice Vaishnav.

Local BJP officials in Gujarat’s several towns have called for the removal of non-vegetarian food carts from roadways, but the state administration says it has no issue with the diverse dietary preferences of its residents.

“The BJP administration does not have an issue with individuals eating vegetarian or non-vegetarian meals.” Certain “larries” (trucks) have been requested to be taken off the road.

At Bandhani village in Anand district, Mr. Patel stated, “Our only worry is that the food provided from food carts should not be unsanitary.”

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