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Real Problems With House Hunting – Don’t Move Out Until It Is Necessary

I recently moved out from my mum’s house. Just to see how it feels to live on my own. It’s been 3 months and I’m enjoying it so far, but I can’t tell you how hard it is to find an apartment nowadays.

So, in case you have already found the house, Seven Blessings To You. You have won the battle. After all, you know the torture you face while househunting.

And for those, who think,”how hard it can be?” Here are the real problems you’ll face while house hunting.

1. It all starts with excitement

house hunting problem

Moving out from your family house, just so you can waste some money on a rented apartment does feel good, right? At first, it does. The excitement of moving into your own apartment is just next level. Dreams of your new home will make it hard for you to sleep at night.

Though you haven’t found your new home yet, thinking about it feels good. I know you can’t dance in your sleep but in the excitement of moving out, you will.

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2. This apartment looks good, but wait it’s already rented

house hunting

Just like online shopping for clothes, the best place to find your new apartment to rent is on the internet. Sit with your family and friends, check all the different listings on the internet. But all you’ll end up finding is that none of them is vacant at the moment.

And oh, you will only get the information that it isn’t available -at the last page. When you have already forwarded the pictures of that house to your squad.

3. Visiting all the houses to see how they look, for real

house hunting

You must have wasted hours, days or weeks possibly to list out 4-5 apartments that you find attractive. But you forgot something important, the internet is the biggest disguise. You don’t get what you see on the internet, that’s why by the end on the day you’ll be visiting more than 10 houses. But none of them can become your home.

Trust me, you will start developing a personal grudge towards the broker after the 5th house he shows you. (which you hated btw)

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4. You’ll start to doubt on yourself and your life

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After visiting too many houses you’ll feel, you can never get a home. You’ll ask life if is it too much to ask for an apartment with decent space and a place where there are no rats? Don’t worry you are not asking for too much, it’s just you are thinking a lot about it.

But the good thing is that by visiting 9847  houses, you have killed all the excitement. Now, it will be super easy for you to sleep at nights.

5. Hope will come back, as every day is not the same

House hunting

You really wanted to move-in to your own home, you just can’t stop thinking about it. That’s why instead of opening Instagram when you wake up, you’ll start checking the listing. Just to make sure you won’t miss any good opportunity.

As soon as you find a new listing that suits your budget, and the mental image of your ideal home, you’ll book the visit, hoping it is what you want.

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6. Oh.. no.. I have to move in now

House hunting

There is nothing impossible in this world, after reading the above points you might think house hunting is tiring and in the end, you won’t get anything. But you are wrong. If you stay constant with your trying, you’ll find a home within in a week.

Though, that’s where the story ends. As now, you have to pack all your stuff to move-in to your new home, which is on the 9th floor.

In Conclusion:

Living with your family is certainly easy, don’t try to be an adult just to show the world. I would only recommend you move-out if you are moving in with your girlfriend. Otherwise, just stay with your family, believe me, you can’t cook. Plus, you never want to go house hunting all across galaxies, would you?

But, if you have really decided to move out, I will say happy house hunting! 

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