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Try These 3 Simple Tests To Find Out How Long You Will Live

How long will you live? This is a question that all of us asks ourselves. Maybe not today but with our increasing age, this is a question that we all asks.

People who are in their 30’s might not want to find how long they will live but middle-aged people who are in their late 40’s or 50’s will certainly find themselves wondering how long will they live.

Though it might seem to be impossible to predict how long will you live. But these are the 3 simple tests that can help you find so.

1. The pushup test

how long will you live

A recent 2019 study from Harvard University has found and developed a test that can predict how long you will live. The tests were carried out on 1,104 male firefighters for 10 years. During that time 37 cases of cardiovascular diseases were reported though only one of them happens to be a firefighter. The research concluded that men with an active lifestyle are less likely to get affected by cardiovascular diseases.

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If you are a middle-aged man, get down on the floor, if you can complete 40 push-ups you are less likely to die with cardiovascular disease. But for the men who can only complete 10 or fewer pushups, the chances of them suffering from a heart disease gets double. Although the results may vary in the case of a woman or a kid. As the test was only carried out on males.

2. Stair climbing test

how long will you live

This is another simple test, developed by Spanish researchers, it can help you find out whether or not you’ll die from cancer or heart disease. The results are base on how many stairs can you climb. Ideally, the test requires you to try and climb four flight of stairs. If you can climb four floors without resting in the staircase or using the side rail for the support, you are less likely to die from cancer.

But if you are unable to do so, you were twice as likely to die from cancer and three times chances to die from heart disease, compared to those who fished the test without any problem. Don’t worry if you are unable to finish the test, it’s a good thing, now you know you have to start doing some exercises.

3. The balance test

how long will you live

With the increasing age, people often lose their balance that gives rise to accidental falls and injuries. Not just this but your balance can also affect your cardiovascular system. This test is developed by a Brazilian physician Claudio Gil Araujo Araujo. He noticed that most of his patients are having trouble doing simple daily chores. Doing things such as getting out of a chair or picking up something from the floor has becomes hard for them.

You can predict when you will die by performing this simple balance test. Start with standing straight in the middle of a room than cross your legs and try to sit. Once you are properly sited, stand back up to the first position. Make sure you don’t use your arms for the support while standing.

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This test gives you result on a scale of 1 to 10. 5 points for sitting down, 5 points for standing up, minus 1 for every time you use your arms or knees for balance and minus half point, for every time you lose your balance.

People who scored less than 8 have doubled their chances of dying in the next six years. And people who have scored less than 3 were five times more likely to die within six years.

In Conclusion:

It is hard for someone to convince for a healthy lifestyle. So instead of suggesting to do exercise and eat healthily. Tell them how long they can live with their unhealthy body.
Knowing that with their unhealthy body they might die in four years, will motivate them to have a fit and healthy body.

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