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How Students are Losing Focus In Studies Due To COVID?

Studies show that 320 million students in India have been affected by Covid-19. The lack of access to remote learning has further worsened the statistics. From students in pre-primary school to college students, everyone has suffered the loss. Not only losing Focus in studies but the loss of focus too. 

E-learning is surely unleashing new ways for students to acquire education and learn skills in the comfort of home. Other than lessons, students can be a part of informative online sessions, online conferences, and webinars (Co-Curricular activities). 

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Along with this, students are losing focus in studies, and hence E-learning has brought obstacles along with opportunities. Uncertainties in this scenario have made it difficult to find a mid-way out. 

Impact of Corona on Study

With schools preferring online mode of education due to corona, students take it slightly off the track and take it for granted. However, our curriculum and pedagogy are structured in a way that it correlates lessons for a better understanding. Missing any of the lessons or class may fill in the gap to make students struggle with it.  

Not only students but teachers are also finding it difficult to manage online teaching as their focus shifts from teaching to other factors, including the visibility and audible part, etc. The disproportionate nature of attention makes it difficult for the teacher to focus on the individual student. Also, teachers fail to cultivate emotional relationships during online classes, which affects the holistic development of students. 

Gadgets are Distracting in Nature 

Digital gadgets are the only source to obtain online education. Whether mobile phones or laptops, students look for instances to escape their online classes and get indulged in games and other activities. These activities not only fritter away time but also affect the concentration level of students. Besides, it negatively affects the brain functioning of the students, thus distracting them from studies. Students are losing focus in studies and becoming impulsive, which affects their academic performance. Gadget addiction can affect their mental and physical health in the long run. 

E-learning Repercussions 

No doubt, technology has the potential to improve learning outcomes. But students with shorter attention spans are more likely to drift away from learning opportunities. 

Online education is both a boon and a bane. Students willing to use it positively will absorb different learning methods, including video sharing, resource link sharing, online assignments or assessment tests. They can also record lectures and view them later to revise their lessons. But missing their online source of learning can deprive them of all lessons and additional online resources. System crashes, lack of internet access, etc. can affect the flow of studies. Also, the underprivileged class has to suffer a lot due to it as they lack access to online resources, which affects their studies adversely. 

Is Covid Ruining Students’ Life?

Stress, anxiety, lack of physical activity, sticking to computers screen for long, etc. are some of the setbacks of online learning. As a mounting concern, online education is disrupting students’ health. Loss of verbal contact affects the speaking and communication skills of the students, while irregular eye content has contributed to decreased confidence in students. Also, students feel discouraged and neglected during these online classes. Apart from their studies, it’s affecting their mental and physical health. The challenges brought in by online learning and COVID 19 is enormous and needs to be overcome. 

The pandemic has surely widened the digital division. Students having access to reliable internet and computer equipment are privileged to learn, while others who lack are still struggling to participate in digital learning. 

Is online learning effective?

Students can make the most of this pandemic and off-school time. It’s been more than a year. This shift from classroom to online teaching has seen a distinctive rise and will persist post-pandemic. Video conferencing software and virtual tutoring language apps can create a highly effective teaching model. Students can indulge in more than one online learning platform to resume their studies. They can work on their weak points and improve their base.

Also, while using technology at a base level and first hand, they may get acquainted with other prominent tech information to sustain the technology-driven future. 

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What Things Students Should Focus on During Pandemic? 

First, their health is of prime importance. Next comes studies. Students should focus on their goals and utilize the digital way for their betterment. If not today, then tomorrow, COVID 19 situation will come to an end. But education and career gaps will not be able to get filled once you lose grip. Education is of lifelong worth and should not be neglected.

To ace studies during Covid-19, students can take the following steps, including:

1. Avoid distractions

Fix your space and time to study and stay focused throughout. Avoid distractions like using mobile phones or laptops. 

Take short breaks to recuperate and re-evaluate your learning after a regular interval. When you are done, indulge in some refreshing activity before you continue your studies.

2. Remain Indulged In Learning 

Learning is an ongoing process; any kind of break will interrupt the continuation. 

Analyzing your interests and productive areas will give you a path to proceed. If not directly related to your course, you can look for an alternative that will serve some purpose. You can go on with reading and remembering vocabulary, grammar, some technology stuff etc. 

3. Goal Setting

Knowing what to study and when to study with a future-oriented goal will drive the thrust. Setting goals prior to starting your studies will keep the mind prepared and aligned for it. Along with long term goals, nurture your short term goals to ensure that you are on the right track. We often get diverted from our long term goals for getting engrossed in a lot of things. But with short term goals, we climb step by step for sure success. 

4. Increase Studying Time

If not born as a gifted child, work on yourself to be one. Studying during school hours will not be sufficient; go for some supplementary lessons to build up your base. Brush up on your knowledge by taking a free or paid online assessment. Students are losing focus in studies, which makes them fail to remember concepts. Study all subjects and not only those which interest you if you want to score well. 

Final words

Studying isn’t tempting for all. Some of us have to gather the courage to sit and study for hours. We may get distracted; we may not like the subject matter; we may not get the difficult concept. But staying positive can help you think beyond your ability to perform better. Online learning is a great way to achieve better learning goals if you have any. Ranking at the top of the list of the best MBA colleges in India, we promote online learning and use the best available resources to remain connected to our students. All the best.  

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  1. Great post. Students are losing their focus due to online studies in this pandemic. By doing this they are just ruining their future nothing else. Education is important o matter you are learning online or offline or in colleges/schools. But students don’t understand the things and just taking it as a game, it can be dangerous for their future goals.

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