How This Beautiful Cable Train Ride In Switzerland Helps Me Look At Life Differently

Though not a roller coaster ride (thankfully), but this cable train ride somewhere in the Swiss mountains has always amused me. Well, it is surely not only because of the fact that how beautiful it; or Switzerland is, but also about the fact that whenever I look at these pictures of the ride, they personally allow me to inspect what I want from life.

Nestled in the mountains in Bern, Switzerland, is Gelmer Funicular, one of the steepest mountain cable railways in Europe. And my forever travel-crush that I would want to rein someday.

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For me, the ride is not about the to-dos in life or something I would want to tick off my bucket list. It is more about what it makes me feel. As someone who has been fond of traveling, traveling to places like these gives me reasons to travel to some other place like this and then some other place like that. And it’s a loop.

And on the positive side, it’s a loop you would not want to come out from for there is nothing that could go wrong, I believe, if we choose to stay in it.

All our life revolves around a reason that keeps us going forward. Or revolves around goals that we want to achieve or set for ourselves. And as people spend their lives chasing these goals, places like Gelmer, I believe, helps change their prescriptive about life and also the goals.

It allows us a bird view from where everything is different. And when that happens, there is a change in what we seek from life. Thankfully, it also makes us think if the goal we are chasing is really the end goal? Or being close to this giant snow-clad mountain is?

Traveling for me has not only been about seeing new places. It, for me, is about feeling the sunlight that smears the skin differently in an alien land. It’s about thinking life while staring at the endless sea that simply helps me redefine my goals that, at the end of the day, can ensure I am, again, back at some other place like this.

Again, in the right loop.

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