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How To Apply For A Credit Card, Precautions and Eligibility

Credit Cards have immense potential and I doubt if we have explored it to its potential. Those who want to put their feet in the subject and get a credit card for themselves can refer to my article. We look at the answer to the question: ‘How to Apply for a Credit Card’ in this article.

How To Apply For A Credit Card, Precautions and Eligibility

Step-by-Step Procedure To Get A Credit Card Online

Follow the simple steps that I am sharing with you in this article and get your hands on your credit card within a week or two.

  • Go to the official website of your bank and visit its credit card portal.
  • Select a credit card of your choice from the given options and click on ‘Apply Now.’
  • A new window will open where you would be required to fill your details.
  • Bank will analyse if you are eligible for a credit card and report to you.
  • Once you are eligible, the bank will do a know-your-customer, KYC, either on phone or in person.
  • Once everything is cross checked, your credit card will be delivered to your registered address within 5 to 7 working days.

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Precautions to take While Applying for a Credit Card on a Call

When applying for a credit card there are a few things you need to take into consideration and I will try to pen down most of the important points here:

  • Read about every available credit card before making your decision.
  • Do not share any OTP on call or if you have a dust sized doubt.
  • Cross check if any URLs are sent to you as they should be official.
  • When you receive an SMS, confirm if it is from the bank and not an unknown number.
  • Whenever given a choice, share PAN Card details over Aadhaar Card details.
How To Apply For A Credit Card, Precautions and Eligibility

Eligibility To Apply for a Credit Card

There are bunch of parameters that determine your eligibility to apply for a credit card with your bank and here are the points you are required to take care of:

  • People from a certain income group are eligible for credit cards.
  • You would be required to produce a proof of income in document form.
  • Your credit score will be weighed before offering you a credit card.
  • Bankrupt people are not eligible for applying for a credit card.


In this article, I tried to clear all the doubts people might have about credit cards before actually applying for them. Once you are through with the article, you will be able to apply for the credit card and work on your CIBIL Score.

Share this article with people who keep asking for money from you. Either they will get a credit card for themselves or at least stop asking for money realising their CIBIL has been crushed badly due to their poor money management.

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