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How To Be More Positive And Happy This Year? Here Are 11 Easy Ways For You

2019 is here. I am sure you have already taken some sort of resolution for the year.

Maybe, to lose weight or quit cigarette. But before all that, you need to ask if you are feeling happy and positive from within. Because if you feel miserable and low, you won’t be able to keep any resolution, no matter how hard you try.

So, instead of a resolution or trying to start something new, you should first focus on how to be more positive and happy this year. Here are 11 easy ways by which you can be more positive in 2019-


how to be more positive

The first thing that you need to do, if you want to know how to be more positive and happy in 2019 is, stop feeling miserable. If you constantly feel pity for yourself and sulk in the same state, you aren’t going to go anywhere. Have some confidence in yourself.

Keeping faith in oneself will take you to places you always DREAMT OF!


how to be more positive

Are you one of those people who keep clinging on to their past? If yes, it’s time for you to stop wasting your time thinking about people or incidents that took place ages ago. It’s past. Which means that it is over. You need to accept the reality and move on with your life.

Once you let go of your past, you will feel much HAPPIER!


how to be more positive

How often do you express gratitude? You should know that when you express the feeling of gratitude, you feel happy from within. Even if it is for a small thing, like getting a glass of water. Showing gratitude will not only make you more lovable but also a better person.

This way you will always feel positive from WITHIN!


how to be more positive

You should always keep yourself as your top priority. If you let others take you for granted and treat you badly, you are doing wrong to yourself. Always love yourself first and then others. This way no one will bring your morale down and you will boost your confidence.

Also, loving yourself will make you realize your WORTH!

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how to be more positive

Have you ever lied to yourself? Be honest, you know you have. But let me tell you, you are doing the biggest mistake of your life. If you can’t be true to yourself, the world won’t be either. Learn to start accepting your flaws and accept yourself the way you are.

Staying honest with yourself will only make you STRONGER!


how to be more positive

Everyone gets into some kind of fights, there is no secret in that. But, instead of picking up points to win the argument, have a solution-oriented approach. This way, you will not only solve the issue once and for all but also make sure that people see you as a positive person and not a negative one.

Having a positive approach towards a problem will also make people RESPECT YOU!


how to be more positive

Living your life on somebody else’s terms, is not the kind of life you would enjoy. If you want to learn how to be more positive this year, prioritize your life according to your choices. Don’t make changes in your life to please others. It’s your life, live the way you want to.

This way your mind would be clear and you can plan for your FUTURE!


how to be more positive

Only you can decide, whether you are surrounded by people you can trust or not. If you want to learn how to be more positive this year, you need to boycott fake people from your life. Be it a fake friend, an office colleague or even your lover. If you feel they are not trustworthy and fake, dump them.

This way you won’t have to carry extra baggage of fakeness with you and you’ll feel FREE!

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how to be more positive

Are you one of those people who can’t say no to anyone? Well, sad for you. Clearly, you need to work on saying no to people. If you keep living your life where people control your choices, you won’t be self-dependent ever. Start saying no to people and situations.

Saying no will also make you strong headed and CONFIDENT!


how to be more positive

Sleep is the magic potion that keeps you happy and stress-free from within. If you keep on compromising with your sleep by wasting time on work and people, stop it. No one is going to help you cope up with your lost sleep. If you are sleep deprived most of the time, you won’t feel happy either.

Bottom line, you should make sure that you have a good night’s sleep, EVERYDAY!


how to be more positive

This is the best way to cut yourself off from the worldly bullshit going around you. Take out some Me-time. Pour yourself a glass of wine or a beer and maybe chill with Netflix. Trust me, this would work more than a spa therapy. This way you can be completely yourself and won’t need to pay attention to anyone but you.

And you will realize your worth when you spend time with YOURSELF!

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In the end,

You need to love yourself and learn how to be more positive. Only then you will be able to conquer those dreams and resolutions you so dearly want. Don’t waste your time clinging on to the past and plan for your life ahead.

Because only you can work for your happiness and no one understands you better than you! 

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