How To Book Tatkal Ticket Fast With IRCTC Tatkal Automation Tool?

Every day, millions of people rely on Indian Railways to get to their destinations by train. With the festive season approaching, getting confirmed train tickets can be a real challenge, often leaving travellers with no choice but to book Tatkal tickets. However, getting Tatkal tickets can also be a race against time as seats fill up quickly. If you’ve ever faced this situation, don’t worry. We have a helpful tip to make booking Tatkal tickets a breeze. Here’s how you can do it effortlessly.

How To Book Tatkal Ticket Fast With IRCTC Tatkal Automation Tool

A New Trick to Book Tatkal Ticket Faster

A common problem when booking Tatkal tickets is slow internet speed, which can lead to all seats being taken before you can enter passenger details. To save time and avoid this issue, you can use the IRCTC Tatkal Automation Tool.

What is the IRCTC Tatkal Automation Tool?

The IRCTC Tatkal Automation Tool is a free online tool designed to speed up the booking process. It quickly enters important passenger information like names, ages, and travel dates, making it easier for you to secure Tatkal tickets.

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How To Book Tatkal Ticket Fast With IRCTC Tatkal Automation Tool:

  • Start by downloading the IRCTC Tatkal Automation Tool in your Chrome browser with this link.
  • Log in to your IRCTC account.
  • Use the tool to save passenger details, journey dates, and payment preferences before you begin your Tatkal booking.
  • During the booking process, click “Load Data.”
  • Watch as your passenger information is loaded quickly.
  • Proceed to make your payment, and your Tatkal ticket will be booked with ease.

By following this handy tip, you can improve your chances of getting a confirmed Tatkal ticket without the frustration of slow internet or last-minute details. Enjoy a hassle-free journey with this efficient Tatkal booking method.

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