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Simple Exercises That Can Melt Belly Fat Within No Time!

Cutting belly fat is one of the toughest tasks. To burn belly fat, you must either limit the calories you intake or only consume the number of calories you can burn in a day. Thus, you are required to focus on intake calories and regular exercise.

As we have said above, reducing belly fat bothers many. Belly fat is nothing but the fat that is stored around the waist. Excess belly fat might harm your health. It can lead to certain diseases like high cholesterol, high blood sugar, heart diseases, and high blood pressure. Hence, it is important to burn belly fat.


To do this, you are required to keep a keen eye on the calories you intake and the exercise you do to burn calories. In addition to this, a healthy and balanced diet can effectively burn belly fat.

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Few Tips To Burn Belly Fat

Among so many exercises, we have picked simple but effective exercises that can help in burning belly fat. They are –


Crunches are one of the most effective exercises to burn stomach fat. As per many fitness experts, it can be the most operational exercise when it comes to fat-burning exercises. In this exercise, you are required to lay down flat on the ground with your knees bent. After this, lift your hands and put them behind your head. Also, you are free to cross than on the chest and keep a check on your breathing pattern.

Source: muscleandfitness


This is the easiest exercise to reduce the stomach belly. Also, it is known as Cardio exercise. Walking and having a balanced diet cm results in a shed off extra kilos. Go for a brisk walk for around 30 minutes in the fresh air and you will start noticing the burning out of your stomach fat. Additionally, it makes a positive effect on heart rate and metabolism. Also, you can choose running which is also quite beneficial for burning belly fat.


The workout is the most effective exercise and keeps us fit and healthy. Hence, a workout like Zumba is a high-intensity exercise that helps in improving cholesterol – level, cardiovascular fitness, maintains blood sugar level and burns belly fat quickly. The 2012 ACE study followed 19 healthy females between the age of 18 and 22 as they took part in a Zumba class wearing a heart monitor. As per that study, the women burned 9.5 calories per minute that is more than the calories burned per minute in earlier testing of power yoga, pilates classes, cardio kickboxing, and step aerobics.

Source: wednesdaymorningcoffee

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Vertical leg exercise

Leg raise exercise is best for your obliques and abs. It results in building increase stability, increasing strength, stronger abs, and burn belly fat. This exercise completely isolates the rectus abdominis muscle that helps tone your stomach.

Source: Youtube

Few more exercises like aerobics and cycling to melt belly fat within no time. However, you can consult with a doctor or specialists on your own for detailed and further information.

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