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5 Best Ways How To Clean A Smelly Drain Effectively And What Really Cause It In The First Place

A clogged drain is every households nightmare.

You can’t seem to get rid of it easily, and no matter how many air fresheners or incense sticks you light up, the stink persists. Basically, it sucks. Big time. So, how to clean a smelly drain?

How to clean a smelly drain?

Don’t worry, just like other household chores, unclogging a smelly drain isn’t rocket science. You need to just know what ingredient to use and how to use it. There are several items in your kitchen cabinet that can solve this issue in a matter of minutes.

But before that, you should also know what is causing it in the first place. Most of the times you end up pouring leftover food into the sink. If its the bathroom, there is a whole lot of hair clogged into the drain that catches the soap lather, dirt washed off while bathing etc. Avoid forcing things into your drain, just take it out and dispose of it. it will keep off unwanted smell from drains.

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However, if you have already surpassed the stage and are suffering from a stinking drain, there are easy ways I can tell you about how to clean a smelly drain. That too, without calling anyone for help.

Take a look at 5 best ways how to clean a smelly drain-

1. Boiling hot water

how to clean a smelly drain

This is one the easiest way on how to clean a smelly drain, as it doesn’t require any effort. Just boil a large container of water, or take it straight up from your geyser. Pour it into the drain slowly. it will not only unclog the drain but also take away the smell.

Boiling hot water washes away the oil and bacteria build up on the substance that produces the smell, thereby getting rid of the odor once and for all.

2. Baking soda with boiling water

how to clean a smelly drain

In case, the smell build up is bad, you can take the help of baking soda. Make a solution of baking soda with water and pour it down the sink. Let it settle for a few minutes. Meanwhile, take hot water in another container.

After a few minutes, pour it down the sink and you’ll find the smell is gone.

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3. Vinegar with boiling water

how to clean a smelly drain

Vinegar also works wonder when you trying to learn how to clean a smelly drain. Just pour down vinegar straight into you smelly sink and wait for a few minutes. Again, ready your hot water bucket meanwhile.

Pour it over the vinegar covered sink, and watch the drain clean itself naturally.

4. Clean the plug beforehand

how to clean a smelly drain

Ok, this one requires some effort. But in the end, it will be worth. The plastic thingy that is just below your drain pipe is the main culprit. Take it off, and put it in boiling water mixed with some liquid soap. Use a brush to clean it inside out.

Once you clean this put it back and pour the water.

5. Bleach and hot water

how to clean a smelly drain

This is the best of all, as the bleach ensures that the smell is totally gone. The combination works on bathroom drains and kitchen sinks alike. Just mix a cup of bleach into a tub of hot boiling water. Pour it into the smelly drain.

After a few minutes, the clogged drain will clear out on its own and all you will smell is faint bleach.

On that note, happy unclogging!
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