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Throw Out These 5 Things From Your Closet If You Want To Keep It Clean

We all have been there and done that. There have been times when there is no space in your wardrobe.

There is a heap of clothes and belts, bags and boots, piles and piles of clothes which can come crumbling down like a cookie. The dreadful question, ‘how to clean closet’ crosses minds, but to no avail. We all keep postponing it to the never coming tomorrow.

However, there are easier ways to solve it. As simple as a five-step process, which can cut short the hassle to a massive extent. Just follow this 5 step guide on ‘ how to clean closet’ and watch your dread slowly fade away as your closet comes back to life.

Step 1: Out of size clothes

ill fitted clothes

Yes, we all have had our fair shares of faulting that leather jacket and loose bottom jeans, but if you haven’t worn them in the last year, chances are you won’t need it in the next season. The point is, you are never going to fit in a cloth that you have outgrown. also, If you look like a squeezed balloon in it, you are for sure never going to step out wearing that pice.

Just get rid of everything that you don’t wear anymore.

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Step 2: Lonely socks are going to reproduce


That cute pink colored socks, the sports socks which are missing one pair aren’t the only lonely items in the closet. In order to learn how to clean closet, there must be a keen eye. Discard everything that is missing its another half. Gloves, regular socks, woolens socks, just turn them into a bottle holder by cutting the closed end off or put it to any other creative use.

It can even make an excellent pot holder if you love plants.

Step 3: Loosely fitted innerwear

loose bra

Those loose undies and hanging bras aren’t going to give you the confidence it’s supposed to. Chuck out all the lingerie and inner wears that don’t fit well anymore. Even if it’s spaghetti or a gym vest of your favorite color, just toss it. This will make space in the closet and allow them to store the new clothes that you buy as fashion cycle changes.

Loosely fitted innerwear is harmful to health, so better be off of it.

Step 4: Woolens need a separate place

woolen clothes

Now that winters are long gone, there is no need to hang that fur jacket in the closet. Get rid of all the winter clothes including shoes and boots that were especially taken out for winter. Now, its time to put them, back in their resting place. It includes full sleeves shirts and t-shirts with body thermals and the leggings. Try to keep a separate place for winter wears.

If you don’t have a separate place for woolens, wrap them up thick bedsheets and store them under your bed.

Step 5: Toss them old bags


Worn out bags and travel items end up taking a lot of place in the closet. If you aren’t planning a trip, there is no use of keeping a bag in the wardrobe. Give away old handbags and totes or fill in the soil to plant a small herb for a kitchen garden. Store expensive bag in plastic airbags on top of the closet to save space.

Discarding old and useless bags will provide extra space in the closet to store belts, watches, etc.

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In Conclusion:

Thes tips will guide you on how to clean closet and help organize the wardrobe better. Follow them step by step for a hassle free time while you give the closet a makeover.

Who knows, you might even end up fifing your favorite top that you almost forgot about. 

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