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How To Make A Face Mask At Home Using A Cloth And Hair Ties

People, ever since the coronavirus outbreak, are talking about the lack of medical facilities available in India. However, they often fail to understand that such instances of a virus rattling the world are something no country in the world could ever be prepared for. Had they been prepared, Italy, which is one of the best providers of medical facilities in the world, would have been available to cure its people instantly.

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We get it that India has a shortage of medical facilities, but just protesting about it won’t help. Instead, getting juggadu, like we always have, in the need of the hour.

A lack of face masks is a known problem in India right now. But a face mask, being a necessity, should be available for all. So what do we do? Make a face mask for ourselves at home so that that health care personnel out there have enough for them.

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Sounds like a good plan? So here is your DIY on how to make a face mask at home by using just a cloth and hair ties.

Things you will need

A bandana or any cotton cloth and two hair ties.


1. You will need a cloth which is at least 12 inches by 20 inches in size.

2. Now, you need to fold the cloth from the top, half down to the middle.

3. Similarly, fold the cloth from the bottom to the middle upwards.

4. Flip and fold again, the same as before.

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5. Flip one more time and insert two hair ties at each end.

6. Now fold from both sides and tuck one into the other to secure.

Your homemade face mask is ready for use.

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Like most of the masks, this one is also effective enough to help you cover your face. A face mask becomes necessary in these times because it shields us from dirty fingers and also blocks inlets through which the virus can get into your body.

Stay Home Stay Safe.

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