How to Protect Yourself From Pink WhatsApp Scam?

A WhatsApp message is circulating rapidly and repeatedly to attract users by offering a pink theme installation. This message is being forwarded very rapidly on this instant messaging platform.

Pink WhatsApp Scam

Pink WhatsApp Install Message

Named ‘WhatsApp Pink’ the installation message offers a brand new WhatsApp with a pink theme and new features, available to download very easily.

Although this app does offer a pink theme to your WhatsApp, it is malware that can steal your sensitive information like banking details, OTPs, photos and contacts, after being installed and getting all the permissions to work.

This WhatsApp pink scam has not been placed on WhatsApp very recently, it has been scamming users for a long time now. Spotted by Rajshekhar Rajaharia 2021, an internet security researcher.

Also, at the start of this month, Mumbai Police Cyber Crime had tweeted about this scam to alert the users and explain how users can save themselves from such type of defrauding activities.

How to Keep Yourself Safe From WhatsApp Scams?

To save yourself from getting scammed by such malware, always make sure to download WhatsApp or any application on your phone through trusted sources only like Google Play Store and Apple App Store. However, Apple does not even allow installation from other sources on their devices.

Many users prefer installing modded APKs from different third-party websites due to the unlocked features they get. But this practice needs to be stopped right away, as scammers look for such opportunities to scam people by injecting malware into the app.

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How to Uninstall WhatsApp Pink Immediately?

“To get rid of WhatsApp Pink, unlink all suspicious devices from the ‘Linked devices’ section in WhatsApp. The security researcher reported that once you install WhatsApp Pink, the app might hide from the list of installed apps.”

“If you want to find it, head over to the ‘Apps’ section from your phone settings app, find ‘WhatsApp Pink’ with the pink logo and hit the uninstall button. Sometimes, malicious apps have no name in the app list, so make sure you uninstall them as well.”

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