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Overburden At Work? Here Is How To Politely Say No To Your Boss For Extra Work

Office hours are over and you are still stuck at work? Maybe your manager is handing you over extra work that you couldn’t say “No” to. Well, it’s alright you are not alone.

As saying no to your manager for extra work is only going to ruin your impression. But there are times when you are already giving your 100% and it’s really not possible to take on more tasks.

To help you deal with this stressing situation, here is how to say no politely at work. Follow these tips and you won’t get the label of ‘lazy’ or ‘irresponsible’ for saying no to extra added work.

Explain Your Reasons With Logic


Trying to explain logically that why you can’t take on the extra work is the only way how to say no to extra work hours. Tell them about all the other projects you are already working on. Show them your plate is already full, and there is no space for added work.

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Let them know that you are not saying no to this extra work because you don’t want to work. But it is just not possible at this time to take new projects. A legitimate reason is the best way to say no to work.

It’ll Be Better If You Got An Alternate Solution

It'll Be Better If You Got An Alternate Solution

Having a positive attitude is always get appreciated at work. Showing the willingness to do the work is a good way to say no. Tell your senior that you do want to get part of this new project but you can just commit to it. Instead, you have an alternate solution to tackle this project.

You can tell them that you’ll work on it as soon as you are done with the current task. Ask them to extend the deadline or something that’s in favour of both. This will convey that you are actually trying to help.

Wait For The Right Moment

wait for the right moment

Don’t just barge into your manager’s office. Check the mood, before making any talk related to this extra work. Take the idea of your senior’s mood before approaching your manager. Because if they are not in a good mood, it may reflect on the conversation with you.

It won’t be a bad idea to wait if it’s not that urgent. Give time to your senior to cool down and get back into a better mood. As he/she will better understand your situation with a cool mind.

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A Gentle Reminder

always say thanks

Don’t use personal reasons to say no to the work. Your boss doesn’t want to hear about your personal life, he mostly cares about work, so make sure what you say.

Also, make them feel appreciated as well. Once you are able to convey your message don’t forget to say thanks. Say “Thanks for understanding,” and be gentle. This is important is you wanted to learn how to say no politely at work.

In Conclusion:

So this is how to say no to extra work hours. As it is important to keep a perfect balance between your work life and personal life. Use these tips to politely say no to your boss.

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