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Here’s How To Spot A Fake SMS To Safeguard Yourself From Banking Frauds

We all receive 100s of messages on a daily basis that lure us with banking, shopping and many such offers. While some messages among these are genuine, others, on the other hand, a mere fraud.

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So to help you find the difference between a genuine text from your bank and a fraud one, ICICI Bank has shared three tips. And here are those:

Type 1 from sender BP-BeanYTM: Your KYC has been successfully updated. You are now eligible for a cashback of Rs 1,300. Claim your cashback visit, http://311agtr

ICICI says: KYC never ever earns you rewards of any kind. The bank also adds that the link in the message looks fake to.

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Type 2 from sender Y-Cash: Congratulations, your account has been credited with Rs 33,000. Please fill in your details at to process it.

ICICI claims: that no company will ever offer you such high amounts of cash. Maybe it could offer points for shopping in a wallet or something but never cash.

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Type 3 from sender [email protected]: Your IT Refund has been initiated. Today is the last day to claim it. Visit http://itr.trn./toref

ICICI Bank: Note the questionable sender ID. See how they are faking urgency.

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Besides ICICI, the State Bank of India has also shared guidelines one must keep in mind to keep themselves safe from financial frauds.
  • Always cover the keypad when entering the SBI ATM pin at the ATM or POS Machine.
  • Never share your SBI pin/card details with anyone.
  • Don’t write the SBI pin on your card.
  • Do not respond to text messages, emails, or calls asking for your pin or card details.
  • Bar away from using your birth date or phone number as your pin.
  • Dispose of or safely put away your transaction receipts.
  • Look for spy cameras at ATMs.
  • Beware of keypad manipulations while using the ATM or POS machine.
  • Make sure to sign up for SBI online transaction alerts.

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If you ever feel the need to file a banking fraud complaint, all you need to do is visit Cyber Crime Portal ( and click on ‘Report other Cyber Crime’ and then ‘File a complaint’ option.

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