How To Use Message Yourself Feature On WhatsApp?

If you are in need of reminders or looking to save messages like videos, texts, links, memes or any other type information then you can rely on WhatsApp’s new feature called Message Yourself. While browsing social media we always come across some posts or memes that we want to save. Some people do save them, by sharing them with their friends or copying links. However, from now on, you can rely on WhatsApp’s latest feature for this job.

Use Message Yourself Feature On WhatsApp

Message Yourself On WhatsApp

Bookmarking the posts, starring the messages, or saving crucial info in old conversations is now an outdated method. WhatsApp has a modern solution to this old problem of losing your favourite posts. However, this feature was not available for all the users before, but now Meta is rolling out the ‘Message Yourself’ update for all users across the globe.

How To Use Message Yourself Features In WhatsApp on iOS And Android Devices:

  • First, launch WhatsApp and then click on the ‘New Chat’ option.
  • Then, in the contact list, you will find your own number (written as YOU) when you scroll down a bit.
  • After selecting yourself in the contact list the chat box will open and now you can send any message to yourself. You can send videos, images, memes, doc files, etc to save them.

Tip: You can save your own number first before using the ‘Message Yourself’ feature as it will display your saved name at the time of messaging. Otherwise, it will only display your chat as a number.

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How Will Message Yourself Feature Benefit You?

  • Your sent messages to yourself will work as reminders so that you cannot forget essential work.
  • You can send yourself a to-do list, so that you won’t be able to make excuses to complete the tasks, increase your productivity and set short-term goals.
  • If you want to save any message, info, document, image, meme, or video then you can send it to yourself.
  • Moreover, as your messages to yourself are going to be important to you, WhatsApp chat backup will help you to save them on the cloud. Your messages will never be lost and will always be restored while installing WhatsApp. (if the backup is on)

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