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How WhatsApp Is Planning To Make You Feel Safe

WhatsApp is most popular messaging app among smartphone users. There are more than 487 million users in India alone.

The developers at the company are working on two new features to inform users that their calls are end-to-end encrypted. The features will add indicators on Status screen and Calling screen on iOS version of the app.

WABetaInfo, WhatsApp tracker was the first one to reveal the information to the world. According to screenshots that were posted, text on calling screen will look like “Your personal calls are end-to-end encrypted”. The status screen will have similar kind of message, the indicator will say “Your status is end-to-end encrypted”.

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Last year company updated its policy and terms of usage. It caused a lot of controversy on internet. Signal took an advantage of the controversy and bagged a huge base of users that once belonged to messaging giant. Since then WhatsApp has been constantly emphasizing on end-to-end encryption capability and feature.

The truth is that WhatsApp cannot read your messages. However, metadata is not encrypted and it is shared with parent company Meta which can access your chats and information.

Meta purchased WhatsApp in February 2014 for nearly 16 Billion dollars. In the deal, Meta gave 4 billion dollars in cash and shares worth 12 billion dollars of parent company.

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