‘Namaste’: How World Leaders Have Found A New Way Of Greeting As Shaking Hand Is A Big No-No

India’s way of greeting other people is getting worldwide acceptability as coronavirus is pulling back people from shaking hands. From American President Donald Trump to French President Emmanuel Macron to British Royalty Prince Charles, everyone seems to be enjoying the new way of greeting.

This comes amidst doctors’ precautions that ask people to reduce physical contact with others in the vicinity to keep themselves safe from catching the virus. So that now, physical contacts are a big no-no, Namaste is being looked upon as a clean way to meet and greet.

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Recently, US President Donald Trump while meeting with the Ireland Prime Minister Leo Varadkar in the Oval Office at the White House on Thursday, opted to greet the latter with a namaste. He boasted about how he has followed the habit of his recent visit to India where he attended a Namaste Trump rally.

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Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently asked its citizens to greet each other by exchanging Namaste. He also demonstrated at the press conference as to how the Indians do ‘Namaste’ while greeting people.

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A video of Prince Charles greeting people with namaste also went viral on the Internet. He was present at the annual Prince’s Trust Awards on March 11 at the London Palladium.

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Later, President of France Emmanuel Macron was also seen greeting people with a gesture-full namaste. In a tweet, he also asked the fellow countrymen to do the same to avoid contact.

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So, namaste.

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