How You Can Utilize AIS to File ITR Easily?

The Income Tax Department provides taxpayers with the Annual Information Statement or AIS. This is an unavoidable document for taxpayers in India, which helps them to disclose their financial transactions in detail. In this blog, we will discuss the critical aspects of this essential document determining how it helps taxpayers to streamline the ITR filing process.

How You Can Utilize AIS

All About AIS or Annual Information Statement

What is AIS or Annual Information Statement?

The Annual Information Statement, offered by the Income Tax Department, is an all-in-one combined statement that contains all the large amount transactions that you have done in a financial year. For the record, 26AS has been modified to become AIS, providing more detailed information about financial transactions throughout the year.

Importance of AIS or Annual Information Statement

The Annual Information Statement (AIS) stands as a vital document, bestowing taxpayers with a complete and comprehensive overview of their financial transactions during a given financial year. Its significance lies in its ability to pinpoint any discrepancies in income or deductions, empowering taxpayers to rectify these issues before submitting their income tax returns.

Furthermore, the AIS plays a crucial role in safeguarding against tax evasion by furnishing the Income Tax Department with detailed insights into high-value transactions. This level of transparency helps maintain the integrity of the tax system and ensures that everyone contributes fairly.

Beyond its role in tax compliance, the AIS also proves to be a valuable tool for taxpayers contemplating investment decisions. By facilitating the tracking of capital gains and losses, it assists individuals in making informed choices when it comes to selling investments.

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List of Information AIS Has:

  • Tax deducted at source (TDS)
  • A tax collected at source (TCS)
  • Specified financial transactions (SFT)
  • Payment of taxes
  • Demands and refunds
  • Pending and completed proceedings

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