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Hugh Jackman Is The New Distracted Guy Meme, Blame Priyanka Chopra For That

Priyanka Chopra is unique. She is gorgeous, and well, the entire world is smitten by this diva.

Wherever she goes, the news follows. Sometimes it’s her attire, sometimes its the company she is with, but the only thing that remains constant, is the fact that she does turn heads whenever she steps out.

The same happened at an award function, that our very own PC, attended recently. It was the Golden Hearts Awards, and no, she wasn’t accompanied by Nick.


Her solo appearance accompanied by her stylish outfit did grab attention. But, for a change, it’s not her looks that started doing rounds on the social media platforms.

So, what happened at the award function?

The function, obviously, was attended by Hollywood’s who’s who, which included ‘Wolverine’ as well. Yes, I am talking about Huge Jackman. He was at the function chilling out and having a conversation with Vogue magazine’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.

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That’s when Priyanka entered and engaged in a conversation with Hugh’s wife. Hugh literally got distracted with PC’s charisma and seems like he was awe-struck with her. Or maybe he was thinking, ‘ Ah, I wish I could replace my wife with her’. Who knows? LOL

distracted Hugh-Jackman-Priyanka-Chopra

But, he sure couldn’t move his eyes off her and that’s when the photographer snapped this epic picture.

Can you see how smitten Hugh looks with PC? The entire picture speaks a thousand words.

But, I guess that’s how it is. After all, Priyanka is the desi girl and the entire Hollywood seems to be adoring her, then why not Hugh? Even though they haven’t worked together so far, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how good of an actor she is.

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Anyway, the cute picture of Hugh staring at PC is doing rounds on all social media platforms and it’s more than adorable.

Psst……I hope Nick is cool with Logan eyeing his gurl!
Just saying.

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