Humans In The US In More Danger As “Murder Hornets” Lands In Washington

In another bad news for the world in 2020 and worst for the US Amid lockdown, Murder Hornets have been spotted near the Canadian border. The arrival of hornets poses a threat to humans and the beekeeping industry, state agriculture officials said on Monday.

Source – Yahoo News

Native to Southeast Asia, China and Taiwan, the hornets can grow up to 6.4 inches in length and can kill an entire breed of bees. Also, it can kill humans, despite the fact that fewer such cases have been reported.

“An Asian giant hornet can sting you multiple times and deliver larger doses of venom just because of the size of them. The venom itself is fairly toxic and creates localized necrosis around the wound so you’ll see melting flesh around the wound,” Sven-Erik Spichiger, managing entomologist at the Washington state Agriculture Department told Reuters.

Source – The Daily News

He adds that most people can survive one of two stings of the hornet, but more than that can put their life into danger.

“If you sustain multiple stings, the necrosis and the venom will actually start getting into your bloodstream and will start working on your organs. And multiple stings could literally be fatal.”

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He further goes on to add that hornets attack honey bees. And can wipe out the entire hive in just an hour. And this is threatening because bees are said to be the most important creatures on this planet for our survival.

Bees allow plants to reproduce through pollination. These plants contribute to the food system by feeding animals – aside from humans – such as birds and insects.

The officials believe that hornets made it to the US on a container ship docking at one of Washington’s ports. The officials have requested people to alert the authorities if they see it anywhere.

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“We really don’t want any private citizen trying to mess with an Asian giant hornet nest. Typical beekeeping attire will simply not protect you. The stinger on this insect is six millimeters long and will go readily through most clothes,” Spichiger said.

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