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IAF Fighter Pilot Abhinandan Beaten, Do Not Spread The Viral Video Anymore

Yesterday was a gloomy day for Indians.

After the celebration of successfully destroying terrorist camps on Pakistani soil, IAF along with the entire nation was busy soaking in the feeling of enemies being laid waste. However, the very next day a mishap occurred.

What has happened?

After sabotaging the terrorists behind enemy lines, IAF witnessed an unlucky turn of events. A fighter jet fell down near the LOC and unfortunately, the Pakistani’s were able to capture the IAF fighter pilot. Abhinandan Varthaman, the wing commander, who was the downed Indian fighter got surrounded and brutally beaten by Pakistani villagers.

Aif fighter pilot

The video of the same surfaced on social media platforms and has gone viral ever since. The clip clearly shows how the villagers treated him inhumanely and thrashed him with blows leading him to bleed.

However, this video is something that we should not pay much attention to. As it could very well be an agenda on which the Pak army is rigorously working to pressurize our government.

Is it a strategy of the Pakistani army?

According to PAK officials, Abinandan was rescued by them who stopped the angry villagers from further hurting or torturing him. The officials apparently then took the wing commander to their safe base where he was treated and offered tea.

Soon another video was released by Pakistan’s information ministry, where the pilot can be seen blindfolded.

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He can be heard saying “I’ve got hurt and I would request some water”. He then goes on to disclose his complete name and rank and is questioned by the soldiers. However, he politely fends off the questions and replies,’ I’m not supposed to tell you that.’

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Going further he also reports how the Pakistani army is treating him and says,’ The officers of the Pakistani Army have looked after me well, they are thorough gentlemen.’

Watch the video of AIF fighter pilot that was released by the Pakistani Army:

The wing commander can be seen standing strong and maintaining his status of being the tough army official that he is. He hasn’t disclosed any confidential information to the Pakistani army which proves yet again that his spirits are still high.

In addition to this video, Pakistan’s army spokesman Asif Ghafoor also tweeted a photo of the wing commander. The caption read, ‘being treated as per norms of military ethics’. We certainly hope that they stand true to their words and treat him as humanely as possible.

But maybe, is it just a way by which the PAK army is trying to use the AIF fighter pilot as their scapegoat. Because clearly, this action of the Pakistani army isn’t how they usually react if they capture an Indian officer.

What can we expect now?

The ministers and officials from both the countries are trying to work a peaceful way out of this messy situation keeping the return of Abinandan as their first priority. Because clearly, if anything happens to the wing commander, Pakistan would have to suffer much more than just retaliation.

On the other hand, the video is being propagated as something which is pressurizing the Indian government to take actions. But the Indian officials are still holding back to strategize and react responsibly instead of being provoked and take action hastily.

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In Conclusion:

Having said that, netizens should also not make a fuss of the video and let the government deal with in their own way. Definitely, the life of the IAF fighter pilot will still be the top priority for the Indian government.

So, instead of poking and adding up to the existing aggression between the two nations, we should all think and act reasonably on the internet! 

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