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Is It The Start Of Third World War? Recent Air Strike Ignites Fire Beyond Indo-Pak Boundaries

It’s a good thing that we all are under Modi’s Government, otherwise, this cowardly attack on our soldiers in Pulwama would have been forgotten very easily.

After 12 days of Jaish-e-Muhammed suicide bomber, that cost us the death of 40 Central Reserve Police Force personnel, IAF has finally responded. On Tuesday morning, IAF crossed the Line of Control and carried out aerial strikes at multiple targets.

The payback time for Pulwama attack

IAF revenge

In the Pulwama terrorist attack, Indian forces lost 40 personals in a surprise suicide attack that was carried out by a terrorist named Adil Ahmed Dar. He drove his explosives-laden vehicle into a bus ferrying CRPF jawans in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama district. The Pakistan-based JeM claimed responsibility for this cowardly attack.

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Showing the world and the terrorist what our brave soldiers are capable of, IAF carried out a Surgical Strike 2.0. By dropping 1000kg payloads (bombs) at multiple locations in Pakistan. With this,  IAF finally took revenge of Pulwama attack.

According to the ANI report, “At 0330 hours on 26th February, a group of Mirage 2000 Indian Fighter jets struck a major terrorist camp across the LoC and completely destroyed it.”

There is no report of Indian casualty, as all of our fighter aircraft are back home safely. Although there are reports suggesting 200-300 casualty in Pakistan, there is no confirmation on that from Pakistan’s side.

The operation was carried out within 21 minutes. 12 Mirage Indian Fighter Aircraft were used to take down the enemy in his homeland. The attack was 100% precise and all terror camps of JeM across Balakot, Chakothi and Muzaffarabad were brutally destroyed in Pakistan.

What to expect now?

IAF entered from the Muzaffarabad sector and 12 Mirage Indian Aircraft intruded and destroyed the JeM camp in Pakistan. Not just the JeM camp in Muzaffarabad sector, but the IAF attacked two other JeM bases in Pakistan. Pakistani AF immediately responded with their F16 fighter aircraft but had no success in harming IAF at all.

Due to the size and precise formation of IAF, Indian air force officials were easily able to turn back and return safely to the Indian base.

Will Pakistan retaliate?

This was a well-planned attack carried out by IAF. Chances are, that Pakistan might soon retaliate. Lt Gen DS Hooda (Retd), the commanding officer of the Northern Army Command, concluded that the IAF is superior to Pakistan when it comes to the technology. He also said that Indian forces must be well prepared for Pakistan’s response. Though the attack might not be that big.

Border forces are at high alert everywhere in the country. The Pakistani army is surely going to come back with an attack but India seems to be well prepared for it.

How it can turn into to next world war?

IAF revenge

According to China’s news agency Xinhua, Beijing and Islamabad are holding serious war talks. Foreign ministers of both the countries are in a conversation over surprise Indian air strikes. Everyone is concerned thinking about what will happen next. This can ignite a fatal war between two countries in which other countries might also take part in their own profit.

Not to forget, it all started with the Pulwama terrorist attack. The entire world was talking about it. There were several meetings held, many countries offered support to India to take their revenge from the terrorists. But still, fingers might point on our country for the current IAF strikes.

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And if Pakistan doesn’t think about action with an open mind and retaliates with a bigger attack, it can start a bigger war which will involve many other countries. No one would be able to stop the world war then.

In Conclusion:

From Arvind Kejriwal to Rahul Gandhi every one is talking about the bravery of our IAF and brave soldiers. Now the ball is in Pakistan’s court. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has stated that if India attacks their country they will retaliate. Now, all we have to do is wait and see if Pakistan retaliates or not?

If it’s going to a major attack, we should all prepare to witness World War III in near future! 

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