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Ideas For Photos With Flowers

Photo with flowers is one of the most popular topics of photo shoots for girls, children, and couples in love. How to prepare for a photo shoot and make beautiful images with a bouquet of roses, peonies, daisies, and dried flowers? How to get creative with the use of plants in the frame, accessories, and clothing? Which camera is better to use – Nikon vs Canon? Find answers to your questions on Skylum’s blog. We offer several ideas for organizing a shoot outdoors, at home, and in the studio.

A Matching Look

Don’t rush to post a photo on social media right after receiving flowers. Think about whether your look, makeup, and hair match the bouquet. It is worth focusing on the type of plants and their shade. Remember that each flower has its mood and carries a certain message:

  • White, milky, and pink plants suggest a gentle image. In the frame, they will emphasize the touching look and soulful beauty of the girl. Flowers of the above shades characterize platonic feelings. Diffused sunlight and light tones in the model’s clothes will help the photographer to make the shot.
  • Passion and boldness characterize scarlet or carmine roses. The image of a femme fatale is emphasized by an evening or cocktail dress, appropriate jewelry, and hairstyle. Women who conquer men’s hearts can use both freshly cut flowers and their petals for a photo shoot.
  • Tulips and peonies convey cheerfulness, energy, and originality. Playful photo shoots can be embodied with them. Think about unusual angles. For example, you can shift the focus of the camera from the model to the flower.
  • A bouquet of forget-me-nots or lilies of the valley gives a relaxed, sweet, and spontaneous look to the girl.

Planning a portrait with a composition of different flowers, order it from florists. Specialists know which plants go well with each other. Try to choose clothes of a similar shade to one of the elements of the bouquet.


A model with a bouquet in the frame is the simplest thing that comes to mind at the mention of a floral photo shoot. Turn on the imagination. As storylines, you can play around with a young man handing a floral surprise to a girl, a moment enjoying the scent of plants, or making a bouquet.

One Flower

For beautiful photos with flowers, it is not necessary to have a lush bouquet. Play around with a single rose or daisy. You can look at the flower, guess at the petals, hold it to your face, or weave it into your hair. Don’t limit yourself to well-known plants such as roses, lilies, or daisies. Use rare species: eustoms, gerberas, phalaenopsis. For a photo shoot at home, consider indoor plants as well.


Images with a background of wildflowers are the most feminine and romantic. It can be a close-up or a lap portrait. From the subjects we propose to realize:

  • cycling through a field of daisies;
  • Making a bouquet or a wreath;
  • A picnic on the lawn with a basket of flowers.

These variants are suitable for individual portraits as well as for love stories or family photo shoots.

woman in black and white floral shirt lying on green grass field

An Unusual Perspective

Do not forget about the original solutions. You can find many photos online with flowers used in an unexpected way. For example, in a pocket of clothes, shoes, envelope, or bag.

Shift the focus from the model to the flowers, placing the bouquet in the center of the frame. Let the girl fade into the background of the composition.

In The Studio

In the studio, you get the opportunity to realize a creative photoshoot with professional light, accessories, and decorations. The convenience lies in the fact that the model can change clothes, with the help of a stylist to adopt the conceived style.

Want a spectacular studio photo? Put the girl in a bath of pink petals, the main thing is to avoid excessive frankness.

Embody a vintage-style photo shoot. For it choose flowers in pastel colors, which will combine with patina, bronze candlesticks, and relief mirrors.

Don’t forget about dried flowers, which look original and attract the viewers’ attention.

If the composition is multi-colored, make sure that it does not blend with the wallpaper, decorations, or clothes of the model.

Poses for a Photo Shoot with Flowers

Before taking the picture, look at a selection of photos with flowers on the Internet. Study photos of celebrities on social networks. As a rule, they have a lot of embodied ideas. Be inspired by successfully realized examples, and come up with creative solutions yourself.

Practice in advance different poses standing, sitting, and lying in front of the mirror. Study the best angles and facial expressions, so that during the photo shoot you can well imagine the desired picture. Evaluate the result. If you like it, then remember the details in order to embody it in the frame. If the photo looks unnatural, look for other variants and angles. Remember, lively emotions and sparkling eyes are the best decoration for a model.


Final Thoughts

Flowers have one incredible feature: they perfectly emphasize a girl’s character and make a photo special. Flowers can complement the look of any model and convey the desired atmosphere. But for a perfect photo, of course, you need a good camera. To understand what to choose, Nikon vs Canon, read Skylum’s blog. A bouquet with flowers will not only brighten up your picture, but for sure it will cheer you up!

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