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If Humans Wants To Survive, Yaks In Sikkim Must Survive

Unseasonal rains, unprecedented heatwaves and more such environmental disasters hint only one thing – Climate change. And if not kept in check, the same would take millions of lives on earth over the coming years. However, while some places would witness the effects slowly, others at an alarming rate; Sikkim being in the latter category.

In the last few months, unprecedentedly cold weather has engulfed much of North India. Amidst this condition, hundreds of yaks in the north-eastern Indian state of Sikkim starved to death as they couldn’t reach the lower altitude in time.

Yaks in Sikkim
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The Yaks often move to upper altitudes during summer and come back to low key regions as the winter commence. However, as the winter got unpredictable this time, as many as 500 yaks died due to roadblocks by snow or their failure to sense arriving winter and more.

Amid deaths, India now has only 76,000 yaks left.

Officials say more yak deaths could be catastrophic as the animal is intrinsic to the culture and economy of India’s Himalayan states. Many people’s livelihood in the region depends on yaks. A depletion in their number will only promote people to either migrate or find some other options to earn a livelihood. And there aren’t many in such hilly regions of the country.

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