“If Shiva Can Smoke Weed, Why Can’t I?” This Story By Sadhguru Explains The Difference

Whenever we talk about Shiva (especially when teenagers talk about Shiva), there is an indefinite mention of the deity being stoned (being under the influence of drugs) all the time.

Maha Shivratri 2020

And naturally, being stoned for us, as humans, is often linked with getting high by consuming alcohol, weed, marijuana, etc. Also, as the world observes Maha Shivratri today, many people would find excuses for drinking by claiming that “main bhang pi raha to kya? Shiv Ji bhi to peete the”.

Well, that’s exactly not what Shiva was high on and this Sadhguru video explains the concept.

Sadhguru somewhere in the video mentions that he has never believed that Shiva was a smoker or high on weeds. But, he also believes that Shiva was always stoned. Contradictory statements? Well, Sadhguru has an explanation.

If Shiva Can Smoke Weed, Why Can't I sadhguru

Shiva, as a deity didn’t need something as pity as weed to get stoned. Sadhguru explains that Shiva doesn’t used any substance (drugs) because he himself is a substance.

shiva smoking

Adi Shankara’s Lesson

Sadhguru explains this concept with a real-life story of Adi Shankara. He once, on his foot, was voyaging across India (like he throughout his life had) to find inspiration for numerous literature he had written during his life.

When the drunk men made some comments on him, Shankaracharya walked inside the bar and drank the whole potful of alcohol kept there. His disciples saw the same and were amazed as they thought if their Guru can drink, why can’t they?

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Shankaracharya again started walking aware of what his displcies were discussing. After some walking, Shankaracharya stopped at a blacksmith shop.

If Shiva Can Smoke Weed, Why Can't I

Through the video, Sadhguru explains that there are multiple ways to achieve something and being stoned is no exception. Shiva, though stoned, has this power of alertness that gets him stoned. And if you’re willing to copy that (which would need months of practice), only then you are worthy to compare yourself with Shiva when it comes to smoking weed.

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Watch the video here

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