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I’ll Miss You on This Raksha Bandhan, Bhai! A Short Note To Express Infinite Emotions

Here’s a note that would make every brother- sister recall the silly things they do when they are together.

Raksha Bandhan is a festival which aims at strengthening the love-bond between a brother and a sister. A brother, especially the elder one, is the very first companion for a girl when she opens her eyes for the first time. He is certainly the first one who is closer to her than anyone else.

Although, we share a wonderful relationship with our parents, the bond we share with our brother or sister is just incomparable.

The hidden secrets, the chocolate-candy fights, playing video games together are some of the significant and cherished memories that never fade away from our minds for as long as we live. All these silly childhood experiences bring moments of nostalgia every now and then.

If I talk about myself, I jump into the emotional roller coaster, the moment Rakhi approaches. And if you are alone on Raksha Bandhan, dying to tie a Rakhi on your brother’s wrist, containing the emotions become rather difficult. The gaping hole left in your heart due to the lack of his presence is hard to describe for me.

As of now, I am occupied with life happening around me, barely sparing time to think about it, but the thought of how I am going to feel when “The Day’ comes, nags at me somewhere in my mind. I prefer not to tangle into my emotions, but a girl has a lot going on, which affects her and which she wants someone to hear.

Who better to share with, then your brother? The one who knows you and understands you since long before anyone else even knew you.

So, this one’s for my elder brother who, despite being far, always resides in a cozy corner of my heart.

Here’s for you Bhai-

First, let me tell you how lucky you are to have a wonderful sister who is writing this amazing letter with her own lovely hands. You better appreciate it or else.

Oops! Zada tareef ho gayi kya? Lol! I know what you are thinking right now. That Chal Chal with a bored expression and shooing away hand gesture is your typical reply to my self-admiration.

Well! Jokes apart!

What you are really thinking is that this very note is the indication that I won’t be there with you, this Rakhi. And that’s precisely why I thought of writing this letter to you, to let you know that I am thinking of you always, no matter how far destiny pulls us apart.

Alas! So, much to say and so little the space. It surly saddens me to not have a chance to tie a Rakhi on your wrist, yet I am happy that I have a silly brother whom I can at least send my wishes through this note.

The biggest surprise is yet to unfurl my darling bro. I have compiled some cherished memories we have made together. Sounds fun, right?

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Let’s recall some funny times we spent together.

You must remember how you often teased me by calling me some stupid names like munni, choti, piddi…blah blah blah… Huh! I used to act offended but somewhere inside, enjoyed every moment of it. Hey, that doesn’t mean you can go back to doing that.
Some of my fondest memories were of those silly cat-dog fights we would have about trivial stuff like stealing each other’s pens or you pushing me to the floor or drinking water from each other’s bottles. Makes me laugh now. I am sure you agree.
Are your kids doing the same now? Wonder where they got the genes from? Hah!!
Let me remind you a hilarious one here. You were so fond of WWE and once we decided to imitate it and I ended up crying. Not because you hurt me but because I was tired of wrestling. Enjoying much?
I loved pulling your hair and when mom asked, I would tell her it was you. You used to get reprimanded for my mischiefs.
This one’s is my favorite. Our legendary battles over a TV remote-Clash of the siblings. You were crazy about watching movies and I used to love watching cartoons. We created such a ruckus fighting over it.
That reminds me, had you not made me sit and jhelo those old classics, my Hindi movie gyan would have been incomplete. Annoyed the hell outta me than, but now I am glad you did that.

Despite all the stupid tiffs and silly quarrels, we shared a loving bond with each other. We don’t blurt our hearts out anymore, the way we used to, but we will always be connected at heart.

How I sorely miss all the happy and sad moments we have lived together. There is still so much to say, but this note might run short of space. Worry not, rest when we meet, and I shall hope it would be sooner than later.

Take care of yourself and everyone else.

Tie the Rakhi I’ve sent you. And don’t forget to stuff your mouth with ladoos the way I always do. I know it would bring a big goofy smile to your face.

And who knows? It might bring some more surprises. *wink*

Yours (whatever you want to call me) *laugh*


I am a hip-hop music lover and I am passionate about writing rhymes. I prefer listening to music over movies any day. I do possess expert knowledge on content & influencer marketing and have helped some popular brands. I spend me time with memes (reading and creating both).

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