Improve Good Cholesterol Levels For Healthy Heart

Cholesterols scare everyone and it is something to be scared of. But it will surprise you that many people don’t know there are bad as well as good cholesterol.

High density lipoproteins are good for your health but low density lipoproteins are bad for your body. You should keep your HDL levels high under limit to function properly and there are several foods that will shoot your HDL levels.

Health experts suggest intake of low density lipoprotein for controlling blood sugar, weight loss and healthy heart. Therefore it is important for you to know what foods you should start binging on.


Eggs are one of the healthiest food, be it for weight loss or to gain muscles. They are rich source of protein and they are very convenient to prepare. Eggs also contain good cholesterol which is important for a healthy heart. Most people do not eat egg yolks because of their fat content. But you should eat whole eggs in moderation. A healthy person can eat 1-3 eggs everyday. But if you are excessively feeding on eggs then your cholesterol levels might go up.

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A 22 gm of cheese slice can give you 20 mg of cholesterol. Cheese is a rich source of protein, calcium, vitamin A and B. Experts recommend eating a limited quantity of cheese to avoid weight gain and increase in cholesterol levels. There are both healthy and unhealthy varieties of cheese and you should pick carefully. However, if cheese is part of your regular diet then you should ensure that you keep your intakes in moderation.


Full fat yoghurt are packed with proteins, calcium, zinc, potassium, magnesium, vitamins and cholesterol. You roughly get 31 mg of cholesterol upon eating 245 grams of full fat yoghurt. Yoghurt is important for controlling blood pressure and it also lowers LDL level in body.


Fish are a great source of HDL specially fatty fishes like sardines. It is recommended in diets of diabetic patients and people having heart diseases. They are also rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids. In one ounce of fish you roughly get 40 mg of cholesterol.

You should always remember that the above mentioned foods are good for heart but only if eaten in moderation. You should not consider above recommendations as a medical advice. The above mentioned food are for general information as people keep getting confused about benefits of certain foods like egg yolks.

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