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In A First, Kerala Installs Kiosks To Collect Samples Faster

In a first, Kerala has installed the country’s first walk-in kiosks to collect samples of people showing symptoms of coronavirus. The kiosks are an inexpensive way of collecting samples that will also increase the number of samples collected on a daily basis as per a report.

Kiosks Kerala

For the unknown, a kiosk is a facility wherein a person, a doctor in Kerala’s case, sits behind the glass of a four-walled structure. The glass has two rubber gloves attached to the same, which the doctor can use to make contact with the person sitting outside for the test.

The doctor collects throat swab from the person and drops it in the container below blocking any sort of contact. The person hands the container back to a healthcare staffer before making way for the next person.

After one person leaves, the place is disinfected.

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Kerala has set up two such kiosks costing Rs. 40,000 each. Inspired from the models in South Korea, the same have been installed in medical college premises in Ernakulam on Monday.

The kiosks also consist of magnetic doors, ultraviolet lights and an exhaust fan and are something other states should also consider using to collect samples. Especially, the ones which have reported a surge in the coronavirus cases in the last few weeks.

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