In An Attempt To Scratch The 'Itchy Bum' This Bull Cuts Off Electricity From 700 Homes - Viral Bake

In An Attempt To Scratch The ‘Itchy Bum’ This Bull Cuts Off Electricity From 700 Homes

Well, itching is surely an irritating thing. An when it happens on something like bums you want to scratch it on the go to get relief. And in this case, animals have no different thoughts than that of humans. This bull at least shares the same.

A four-year-old bull at East Shawtonhill Farm in Scotland’s Chapelton was feeling too itchy that he scratched his bum with the electricity pole. While he was relieving himself he took the lights off from700 homes in 3 villages. Meanwhile, the bull also escaped a massive 11,000 volts shock that would have relieved him forever.

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He had an itchy bum so scratched it on the electricity pole and knocked the transformer box of“, said Hazel Laughton member of Chapelton, Strathaven Group on Facebook. Hazel also put a post on Facebook where he said that bull wants to apologize for the inconvenience caused. The bull named Ron almost escaped death in the incident.

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