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In Jammu, 1 Person Is Arrested For Rs 100 Crore Heroin Seizure

A 52-kilogram haul of heroin worth an estimated 100 crore was seized from a vehicle in Jammu, police claimed.

A senior police officer claimed that on Thursday, 52 kg of heroin worth Rs. 100 crore was confiscated from a vehicle going for Punjab and one guy was apprehended.

Police in Jammu and Kashmir believe the drugs were smuggled into the region from Pakistan to help finance terrorist activities in the region.

Senior police official Mukesh Singh said that the SHO of Jhajjar Kotli Devender Singh set up checkpoints on a highway “based on a particular information” during a news conference, according to AFP.

DGP Dilbag Singh of the Jammu and Kashmir Police was also in attendance. When a truck headed to Punjab from Srinagar jumped a roadblock and attempted to flee, it was stopped by the authorities.

Police recovered 52 kilogrammes of heroin worth a total of 100 crore during the search of the vehicle, he claimed. According to the police officer, the truck’s driver was able to flee the scene. However, the co-driver, a Haryana resident named Bharat Kumar, was detained, according to the report.

The shipment of heroin was discovered to be being smuggled into Punjab from Srinagar in Kashmir, the officer stated during an initial probe.

He claims that the heroin in the pockets had 1999 marks, which indicates that it was smuggled from Pakistan into Kashmir to fuel terrorists. It was also noted that previous heroin seizures had identical indications.

Police in the Jammu area have confiscated 185 kilos of heroin worth a total of 360 crore over the previous two years, as well as 500 kilogrammes of cannabis and 2,500 kilogrammes of poppy, according to Mukesh Singh.

He said that 1,500 people had been detained and 1,200 charges had been filed in relation with drugs smuggling during that time period.


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