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What Are These Exotic Animals Doing In ‘In My Feelings’ Challenge, Damn ‘Kiki’

People are going crazy with Drake’s new hit single “In my feelings”

And this is a song that people are not enjoying by only dancing or tapping to the beats, but they have added a new layer to the entire cult and made it into a challenge.

So the challenge is very simple. As soon as the record is on, you get out of the moving car and leave the door open and start dancing next to it while the car is moving.

However, this simple challenge has caused so many injuries and damage to the public property which you will find when you go through various videos tagged with #InMyFeelings and #InMyFeelingsChallenge

People have been performing crazy stunts so much that cops have issued warnings against people performing this challenge. Even actors have been caught in the act and issued charges for getting out of the moving car to dance.

But It’d have been thing of the past if it had stopped just there, someone had to take things to the next level by bringing animals into the fold. And from cute puppies to kitty-cats to rhinoceros, none have been spared.

Why don’t you watch out for yourself, one by one:

1. When a buffalo was twerking over the nasty beats

2. This puppy had its own swag over skooter


3. Imma ride it the Bojack way


4. Llama, am Your dirty sexy mama


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5. My beak is killa, I poke a hole in your chinchilla


6. Man I got no feelings in my feelings


7. Stop it right there, Joe


8. Cuckhold in the beats


Have you tried the in my feelings challenge yet!!?


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