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In The Middle Of A Crisis, Tamil Nadu Govt. Changes Names Of Over 1,000 Places

When the Tamil Nadu government must be busy wondering what must be done to contain the spread of the virus in the state, the state government is busy changing the names of the places.

The Tamil Nadu government has issued an order changing the English spelling of 1018 places, so they would precisely reflect the Tamil pronunciation and spelling of such names.

Source – Holidify

So now, Coimbatore, to match the Tamil pronunciation, will be called “Koyampuththur”. Honestly, I liked Coimbatore better. Why people have to ruin anything and everything? As if, Maggi in golgappe and Oreo ke pakode weren’t enough.

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Other places whose names have been changed are Tuticorin, which now will be pronounced as ‘Thooththukkudi,’ and Kolathur and Egmore and more. Famous temple towns in Tamil Nadu like Srivilliputtur and Srirangam will now be known as “Thiruvillipuththur” and “Thiruvarangam”, respectively.
Source – DNA India

Now, these names will have to be changed in government records and signboards across the states, which besides, a whopping sum of money, will also cost time and labour.

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The exercise comes as an added pressure at a time when the state’s economy is already under tremendous stress due to the Corona Containment drive.

Source – Swaraj

A senior retired bureaucrat, who did not want to be named, said, “You know government contracts, everything would now be double or three times the market rate. It would become a huge racket”.

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Also, some spellings are being chastised for not matching their Tamil phonetics. The minister said that such names like, Vellore, which became “Veeloor” will be corrected as “Veloor

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