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In Udaipur Murder Case Victims Family will Get ₹1.35 Cr

A large corpus of ₹1.35 Cr has been garnered for the family of Kanhaiya Lal, who was murdered brutally by the two men in Udaipur, Rajasthan. More than 1200 have contributed within 24 hours after BJP leader Kapil Mishra created a fundraiser.

Kanhaiya Lal’s Family to Get Rs 1.35 Crore

Udaipur Murder Case

Two men, named Riaz Akhtari and Ghouse Mohammad, killed Kanhaiya Lal with a cleaver after entering his shop disguised as customers. He chopped his head off and named this murder “avenging an insult to Islam.” This incident happened on Tuesday in Udaipur’s Dhan Mandi area and the video of the murder was posted online by the two murderers. The viral video was so brutal that it shocked the whole Nation and caused unrest in many regions.

Mr Mishra spoke to News18 and said, “We realised that whether it was human rights organisations or political parties, no one was bothered about the plight of Hindu victims. So we initiated this process after the Delhi riots. All Hindu victims’ families were provided with financial aid.”

He said that with the same method the financial help was provided to the family of the victim who was the temple priest in Rajasthan’s Karauli and was burnt alive.

“Rinku Sharma and Rahul Rajput from Jahangirpuri in Delhi and others were also helped. When Kanhaiya Lal was murdered and we saw this video, my first response was what will happen to the family,” he said.

Further told, “We can’t leave his kids and wife alone. What will happen to them was the question. This is the reason this process was initiated on the very first day. Thankfully, so far, more than 12,000 people from across the globe have contributed to the cause.”

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Raised ₹1.35 Cr

The fundraiser has garnered ₹1.35 Cr for the family of Kanhaiya Lal, Udaipur Murder Case Victim, and a target of one month was achieved in just 24 hrs.

“Earlier, Hindus used to feel that no one would come for their family’s support if something bad happened to them. When Kashmiri Pandits faced terrorists, they had to rely on the government and stay in camps. But due to such initiatives, we are seeing a change in our society,” said Mishra.

The statement will also be published for the contributors to make the fund system more transparent, “All funds are collected online. All our statements are published for the contributors to check,” he said.

“The backing of society will also ensure that the terrorists trying to create panic among people are defeated. A discussion in the society will ensure that these terrorists do not emerge as role models for extremists in their community.”

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