Penalty Warning: Check Your Name For Income Tax Penalties And Avoid A Rs 10,000 Fine

Many important documents are distributed to every citizen of the country. PAN cards are also crucial for the country’s paperwork, which goes hand in hand. PAN Card (Permanent Account Number) is an identification card issued by India’s Income Tax Department that acts as an important document for the Income Tax Department. In India, PAN cards are often used to conduct financial transactions.

Furthermore, the information obtained through PAN details is used by the government to determine people’s tax liability. However, some critical aspects of the PAN card must be addressed as well, or a fine may be imposed.

People should remember that no one in the country is permitted by law to hold more than one PAN card. If a person has more than one or duplicates PAN card in such a case, he may face major complications.

Anyone with more than one or duplicate PAN card may face serious consequences. In fact, due to duplicate applications, PAN cards are frequently issued twice. People should avoid this circumstance in such a case. If caught, people may face a slew of difficulties. Some people may have received the card from the IT department, while others may have received it through agencies that handled the job.

People will have to cancel one of their PAN cards in such a case. Some persons may file for many PANs in order to deceive the authorities or save money. These are serious offenses that will result in penalties. There are tight laws about having more than one PAN, with the government imposing a Rs 10,000 fee on anyone who has a duplicate PAN. This penalty was levied in accordance with Section 272B of the Income Tax Act.

Return a Duplicate PAN Card:


Due to an administrative error or if the person has applied many times and obtained a PAN card each time, an individual or company may have acquired duplicate PAN cards. Duplicates must be returned because it is prohibited to have more than one PAN card at a time. 

Return duplicate PAN card offline

Individuals who want to surrender or change the details of their PAN can do so by completing the PAN change request Application Form and submitting it to the assessment officer whose jurisdiction they fall under.

In that form, under column 11, an individual can specify which PAN he wishes to keep and which he wishes to surrender. A copy of such PAN should also be supplied with the application, and after completing the form, the acceptance slip should be kept for future reference and in case of a disagreement, as it will serve as proof of PAN surrender. 

Return duplicate PAN card online

For returning duplicate PAN cards online, firstly the person needs to visit the Income Tax Department’s official website and in the next step, they have to add all of their personal information such as name, address, date of birth, and many more. The person should also provide the information regarding the PAN card he is willing to keep and the PAN card the person is willing to return,

After submitting the application, an acknowledgment slip is sent, which the applicant should keep for future reference. Hence, the surrender process of a PAN card is completed with this online approach.

It is never recommended to have more than one PAN card as it can result in some serious consequences which include criminal culpability and also can result in serious and penal punishments imposed under the IT Act. it is always advisable to return your duplicate PAN card if the person is owning more than one PAN card to help the government and the tax authorities. 

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